We have all heard about fashion trends making comebacks which seems to happen in cycles that can make anyone look cool and stylish again when they hang on to a wardrobe style that has gone by the wayside in recent years. Instead of looking out of style and making us all wonder what they were thinking, when the wardrobe comes back around these folks look absolutely fashionable and updated in their long time classic looks that give them a look that is envied by many.

Cars can have similar cycles. With this in mind, a classic look that has come back around, but possibly was never really out of style is the Morgan Aero Supersport. The Morgan Aero is one that has shown itself as a great getaway vehicle in many movies and television shows, usually depicting gangsters firing tommy guns and wearing fedoras. As the car that carried the good guys to save damsels in distress the Morgan Aero offers an iconic look from the 1930’s to give a nostalgic feel to anyone looking for some throwback fun. Morgan has even brought back the old three-wheeler giving another look at a car that was fun and full of personality well before cars were simply meant for transportation during a daily commute.

These new and updated Morgans offer the style and look of the old 1930’s long flat hood and strong wheelbase along with a great removed top look that many can remember seeing the pretty leading ladies have their hair blowing in the wind while driving down the coast on a cruise to the beach for some surfing. The Morgan models and others like it of that era found their way to the big screen in many ways other than just gangster movies, although those were the most remembered.

Morgan Aero Supersport Rear

The new Morgan Aero Supersport is drop dead gorgeous in this long admired style. With the beautiful lines and large wheels which are fitted to the wheel wells the look is simply amazing. With a car that looks this great it would be a disaster if the engine didn’t fit right in and offer great power, so Morgan has used a BMW V8 which produces 267 horsepower and 370 lb.-ft.   This engine can reach sixty mph in 4.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 170 mph. This excellent engine is attached to a six-speed transmission of either manual or automatic variation to help give the car a fuel efficiency of 36 mpg giving a great deal at the gas pump for anyone who is able to drive this throwback beauty.

The only unfortunate part of this car is the price which comes in starting at $185,000 making it only available for the wealthy among us. Even though the price may be a bit high for most of us to enjoy the ride in one of these beauties it’s really cool to see a fantastic old style coming back and making a run in the market once again.