Koenigsegg has always been a maker of supercars that come at a price of over seven figures.  Their cars play in the same class as the top of the line from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and many other high end supercar nameplates.  These other manufacturers of super cars provide a platform from their supercar down to their more ordinary cars in the lineup.  This makes the cars at the lower and middle end of the model lineups much more enjoyable to drive with the benefit of the technology offered.  With this in mind, Koenigsegg is working to see if it can have the same relationship with more ordinary cars as well.

The first part of this particular offering is to see if Koenigsegg will become part of a larger group such as the Volkswagen Group and offer its technology and developments to some of the mainstream lineups or if it will offer its own brand of budget-friendly cars under the Koenigsegg name.  So far the decision has been to keep the name in its already rarified air and find a group that would work to include the company as a consultant or contributing partner.

A partnership with a group would certainly seem to be the most appealing, look at what Lotus and Porsche have going for them already.  A similar partnership will allow both upward and downward sharing of the technology not only to build better cars, but also to build better cars faster and more efficiently.  Rather than try and launch a line of their own Koenigsegg can keep their own brand name in the supercar realm only and create a relationship with other automotive manufacturers that is mutually beneficial.  With this kind of relationship Koenigsegg can expand its reach in the automotive world and become and even bigger contributor to automotive excellence.

So what will Koenigsegg have to offer an automotive group?  They have several new technologies that have been developed in house and will be right for other vehicles.  These include the direct-drive hybrid system, the 3D-printed titanium exhaust and several others that can certainly improve the overall performance, effectiveness, or efficiency of any car on the road.  What is also amazing about the cars that come out of Koenigsegg is the fact the cars made have outperformed many from much larger and better-financed automakers, giving a certain importance to having this manufacturer work side by side with a group.

Koenigsegg has been developing new technologies and is ready to share with others what they have to offer in order to make and effective change in the mainstream market and get their own piece of the pie from a larger portion of the automotive world.  Will we see Volkswagens that have the direct drive hybrid technology or Mercedes-Benz models with 3D-printed titanium exhaust systems in the near future?  That will certainly be the choice of Koenigsegg as many will look to bring them under the umbrella of an already well-run and dynamic automotive group.