05.25.16 - Crayons in Car

One of the items children will bring into your car that can ruin the upholstery is a box of crayons. While you might appreciate the effort and artistic attempt at a picture colored or drawn in a variety of ways that is certainly worthy of time on your refrigerator, you certainly don’t want to have crayons melted or used on the fabric or leather of your vehicle. Just because you have children doesn’t mean your car needs to look like you have kids when they aren’t present, which brings us to the topic of how to remove crayon from your car.

What you first need to keep in mind is the properties of a crayon. Most crayons are made from some form of wax that has been dyed to specific colors. These waxy items are most of the time safe for children and made with the thought in mind that they can be eaten and not harm the child who ingests them, as long as they chew the crayon. While this may be a bit unappealing to you, many children do eat crayons and I would venture a guess that most of us reading this article have eaten a crayon when you were young.

Because the crayons are made of wax what you need is heat to remove them from the seat fabric in your car. This can work whether the crayons were left in the car to melt or if they were simply used in some creative design on your seat fabric. Because of this what you need to remove the crayon marks from your seat fabric is a few sheets of paper and a hot iron. These two items will make quick work of your crayon marks that have been put into the fabric lovingly by your youngsters.

Place the paper over the crayon marks and then use the iron to heat up the area. As you do this the crayon will adhere to the paper and come away from the seat fabric. All you need to do is repeat this step a few times to ensure the crayon marks are completely removed from the seats and you will have fresh and clean seats once again and be able to enjoy the pictures your children have created for you. No more stress or worry about the crayons that your kids bring into your car, just let them have fun and get out your iron and paper when they are done.

Having items such as crayons melt in your car you may have excess crayon build up. In this case use a scarper or butter knife to pry off as much of the crayon as possible and then use your iron and paper to remove what is left over. This simple trick will make it much easier for you to stomach the idea of your children bringing their crayons along on a long car trip where they will certainly need some form of entertainment to keep them busy.