When your idea of fun is to head out and see if your vehicle can handle the rocky trails, the deep sunk mud or can make it through the thick sand, all in the name if bringing you to a remote location that most of us never get to see from the paved roads, you need a serious off road vehicle.  Many of the off road vehicles we used to buy have gone the way of providing creature comfort over the capabilities needed, which is fine, but when you still want to take a ride in an area that is going to challenge you  and the abilities of your vehicle, this is the list you want to pay attention to.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock EditionWhy not start the list with a vehicle that has been the leader in off road capability for decades?  This SUV is built to be on the road, in the mud or heading through the desert and can handle it all.  This edition comes with the tools you need and the toughness you deserve to get the job done.

Toyota 4Runner TRD ProThis is an SUV that has the off road ability and the equipment you want to be able to ride high and tough all day.  With a new suspension added to this beauty you will have an extra inch of wheel travel to make it over obstacles that were just a little too much for this beast in the past. The 4Runner has been one of the favorites for off roading for many years and with this package you know you have the right vehicle for the job.

Nissan Xterra Pro-4XWhile many SUVs have gone the softer route of being family haulers, this beauty maintains it rush of power by being one of the most impressive off road vehicles you can find.  When you need a tough utility vehicle that has all the equipment to give you the ride you need and reach the destination desired, this is one that can get the job done right.

Toyota Land CruiserThe name says it and the vehicle can do it.  This is a massive SUV with a huge engine that can be put on some enormous tires and take you anywhere you want to go.  As a monster luxury vehicle you will ride in style when you make the Land Cruiser your choice of off road vehicles to give you the fun and excitement you want to enjoy.

Ram Power WagonWith the Power Wagon you have a Ram 2500 truck that has been lifted up and given more capabilities than ever.  This truck takes on the persona of a massive off road beast and handles any challenge you throw at it with ease.  You will be able to take this beast and a trailer wherever you need to go as it can tow more than 10,000 pounds behind it.

Chevrolet Colorado Z/71Mostly we have spoken of massive vehicles, but a midsized truck that has the right features can be perfect for off roading as well.  The Z/71 is an off road package that gives this beauty hill descent control, a locking rear differential and an upgraded suspension to ensure it can handle whatever challenges you throw its way.

Ford RaptorIf there was an F-150 that was made for off roading, this is it.  The Raptor has been a perfect competitor to the Power Wagon for the past few years and is a truck that has led the way.  If you want a new one look to the 2017 lineup, but if you’re looking for the previous model there are several to be found with the massive engine under the hood giving you all the power you need while the rest of the truck handles the performance for you.

Land Rover Range RoverAs we finish this list we have the luxury leader of the off road market that also has a ton of capability.  This amazing vehicle has been around the world and crawled over rocks and through wildernesses where others don’t dare go; it will be your perfect off road monster too.