Ever since we’ve had a limitation on parking places in cities the boot has been around. A parking boot is designed to disable a vehicle by keeping it from being able to move, but this device can do damage to a vehicle when being attached, removed or if the owner of the vehicle is brazen enough to try and move the vehicle with the boot attached. This device also makes it difficult to tow a vehicle away and means a person from the parking enforcement agency must come out and remove the boot before it can be towed.

This process of enforcing parking regulations has worked for years, but in reality it’s inefficient and causes more manpower to be involved than needed. Not only that, but these items are heavy and often difficult to attach to a vehicle properly. There has t to be a better way that allows us to enforce parking regulations, make it difficult or impossible for a vehicle to drive away and be part of the technology age. This is where a new item called the Barnacle from the startup company Barnacle Parking Enforcement could be used to help parking enforcement get their jobs done more easily.

The barnacle is a device that appears to be similar to a folded up pizza box, but with much more advanced technology. This device has two suction cups that attach themselves to the windshield of a vehicle when activated and are impossible to remove without the parking ticket being paid. The Barnacle is equipped with a keypad that allows it to be removed when a code is entered, which a driver would receive upon paying for their parking ticket over the phone with a credit card. Once the device is removed, the vehicle owner is responsible for returning the Barnacle to the parking enforcement agency otherwise they will be charged the full replacement price of a new Barnacle.

There’s no doubt that parking enforcement items haven’t transformed with technology at the same rate as other items for and around vehicles. With this Barnacle device, a parking official could carry as many as ten of them in their vehicle at a time (more if they choose) and attach them to the windshield without having to get down in the dirt or snow on the ground the same as with a boot. This is also a one-time deployment item, meaning the owner of the vehicle doesn’t have to wait for the parking official to come back to drive away, they just have to pay their fine.

Sure, there could be the odd time when a driver breaks their own windshield in order to drive away, or the parking violator is driving a car without a windshield such as a Morgan 3 Wheeler, but more often than not, this is a device that can help and make parking enforcement much easier. Check out this video about the Barnacle and see this item in action for yourself.