11.09.16 - 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport

We see the commercials every year that offer a variety of pumpkin spiced drinks and foods for us to try, but fall isn’t just a time for these orange vegetables to be the center of attention. Hyundai has brought us a new model to admire and enjoy on the roads that will make a huge difference in our driving enjoyment. This new model that you can begin to shop for this fall is the new Hyundai Elantra Sport and it’s certainly spiced up and ready for you to drive. This car is being offered as the most exciting compact car from Hyundai yet and there are several things you should know about it.

Even though a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine doesn’t sound like anything exciting at all, this car will have 201 horsepower and 195 lb.-ft. of torque to give you a fun drive around any autocross circuit you can find. This is a car that you will want to get to know very quickly, and here are several things you can learn about it to give you an idea of the fun you’ll have.

Excellent Exhaust – Many times these small engines and small cars aren’t known for having the best sound coming out of the back. This is especially true of those with a turbocharger under the hood, but the Elantra Sport sounds great. If you want something that grunts and growls at you like a much more powerful engine this is the car to choose. The noises you hear enter the cabin in a sweet symphony of excellent vibration to be the music you want to hear when you get behind the wheel. This sound is the product of the airbox that Hyundai uses to have less baffling in the cabin area.

Transmission Choices – For the Elantra Sport you will have two transmissions to choose from. This will give you the opportunity to have a transmission that gives you the feel and drive you’re looking for. If you buy this car to have the occasional sporty drive you’ll probably feel most comfortable with the seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission which does a great job of shifting gears quickly, but if you want to enjoy the connection between you and the car the six-speed manual is the choice for you. Either way, you will have a transmission that matches the personality of this great new car.

Tires – As the character Robert Duvall played in Days of Thunder alluded to, tires are the most important part of the racing that you do. While you won’t be taking the Elantra Sport out to win a NASCAR race, the tires you will enjoy on this model are Hankook Ventus S1 Noble tire and they are wrapped around 18-inch wheels. These tires are all-season tires, but they are also ultra-high performing to give you the grip you need and the responsiveness you’re looking for to be able to move around on the road or track with ease.

Brakes and Handling – With a car that’s to be a sporty model and offer the increased performance of the Elantra Sport there has to be improved features to make the difference. Hyundai added a multilink rear suspension, a thicker front stabilizer bar, higher spring rates in all the shocks and stiffer dampers to ensure you can have the responsiveness you need in this car. The steering is also quicker from the improved rack, which offers you a better steering tuning. The brakes are also improved to give you larger front rotors which are twelve inches to ensure you can stop this car on a dime.

Interior Improvements – If every change to this car was performance based you might not want to drive it. This car also has an updated interior to give you a better feel and look. These improvements include red accents inside, a flat-bottomed steering wheel and improved looks of the gauges to let you have the information you want from the cockpit of this new car. The Elantra Sport is certainly a car that will fit in your budget and give you the exciting drive you want and it’s available soon to give you a great new drive in a car that you’re sure to love.