11.29.16 - Toyota Camry

Toyota is the largest and highest volume automaker in the entire world. They lead the way year after year with exceptional sales numbers that offer them the flexibility to be patient and make changes slower and with more deliberation than most other automakers. Because of this we seem to have vehicles from Toyota that have taken years to develop, but when they make their way to market they carry forth the reputation of being reliable and the right build for us to drive. The most popular of these models in our market is the Camry which has been used for more than just a typical commuter vehicle.

The Toyota Camry is the car that’s driven by some NASCAR drivers, giving them the car they want to enjoy going around the track. These NASCAR teams get to drive what looks like your typical Camry with some serious racing upgrades that conform to the rules of the NASCAR circuit and this means these teams will get the first chance at a new vehicle if one comes around, but the next Camry isn’t expected to make its debut until at least the 2018 model year and shouldn’t be to the racing teams yet.

So far all we’ve seen of the new Camry is a car that has been shrouded in massive amounts of camouflage which is in place to avoid giving away any hint of style changes. The thought is the new Camry may have some impressive style changes that make it appear more like the new Prius or it may even take some style cues from the Lexus lineup, but we don’t know for sure which one is actually going to happen. Even though Toyota hasn’t discussed this publicly yet, there may have been an event where they inadvertently shown us the new Camry and what it might look like.

At a recent NASCAR event a vehicle was on display on the stage that showed off the Camry name but looks nothing like what we have on the market today. While you do have to cut away the racing additions that make this Camry a car that’s worthy of the track, you can see an entirely new style on this Camry that was on stage. Whether this car was on display on purpose or it was inadvertent is not known, but what we see is a car that certainly takes some cues from the Prius and Lexus lineups.

The 2018 Toyota Camry is expected to be built on the modular TNGA platform which will allow the car to save weight and offer more performance. There will be a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, making strides in upgrading the car from what we have right now for performance. This new build is also expected to be a little larger than the current on and offer all the driver assistance technologies offered on the market today. While we wait for this Camry to show up, it’s possible we’ve already seen what this car will look like in NASCAR fashion, and will wait to see what it will be at the Toyota dealers.