11.30.16 - Family Vacation

How often do you travel in your SUV or wagon? Even if you only make one venture out each year during the holidays this video is one that shows you what can happen. I can tell you I’ve been guilty of loading up the backend of the car to the point of not being able to see through the rear window, but that’s a habit I need to change. Actually I may still need to load the car up, but it’s going to be important to have some bungee cords or ratcheting straps in the vehicle from now on to make sure everything is secure.

You see, the challenge when you have to travel with the whole family is making sure all the gear can get where it needs to go regardless of whether you’re trekking in a new Kia Sorento crossover or a giant GMC Yukon XL.  If you have a carload of people, most likely they’re going to want to take along everything they feel will make them comfortable at the destination. When you start packing your vehicle you know you want to have the heavy and larger items on the bottom, and then the lighter and smaller items on top, but many times this means you have loose items on the top of the pile.

What happens if you happen to be in a head on collision with all this gear behind you? Of course you have a vehicle with airbags to keep you safe from the front of the vehicle, but that’s not going to help at all if you happen to have a small box, a sharp object or a piece of luggage that comes flying up from the back to hit you or someone else in the back of the head. These items become flying objects that easily can ruin your day and become deadly.

How do you avoid having your luggage become a deadly projectile in a crash? You have to make sure items are tied down in the back of the vehicle in order to make sure your stuff doesn’t suddenly become a projectile object. Most bungee cords and tie down straps are rated to high tensions and weights, which can help you keeps these items from pushing forward and becoming a problem if you’re in a crash. You certainly don’t need to have these items coming forward and hitting you or your family members in the head or crushing them because you didn’t tie them down.

Notice in the video that the back seats completely collapse when the luggage moved forward, which causes the two children in the back of the vehicle to be crushed in the crash. This is obviously avoidable by simply strapping things down in the back of the vehicle and if you drive a hatchback, SUV or wagon you need to have everything tied down so that your kids don’t end up under a pile of luggage with some serious injuries or even dead. Take care of this luggage with some easy to use bungees or tie downs and have a great time on the road knowing your family is safe from harm.