01.03.17 - Hyundai IONIQ

For most of the year the discussion has been regarding the Chevrolet Bolt and the Tesla Model 3 and which one of these full-time EV models will be the leader when the end of 2017 comes around. The Bolt has already made it to the market, well ahead of the Model 3 and the Bot may be the better of the two, but there is an EV that seems to be overlooked. Maybe it’s because this EV isn’t only offered as an EV, but it certainly could give the other two a run for their money and be the one that we choose more often.

The new car I speak of is the Hyundai IONIQ. This new car will be offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and EV models, which means it will have more variations than the Bolt or Model 3. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the IONIQ EV seriously, actually it’s just the opposite as this version of the IONIQ might be the one we choose more often than the rest. This new car will give us a milder range of only 124 miles on a single charge, but it will have some advantages for us to enjoy.

As you might expect, the IONIQ will be offered right away at every dealership in the country that wants to sell this car. The Chevrolet Bolt is currently making its way across the country to be supplied in more dealers than ever and the Model 3, well, that car has a long waiting list and won’t be offered until the end of 2017 and possibly later than that. While the IONIQ won’t compete with the Bolt or Model 3 for range (the Bolt has 238 miles and the Model 3 215 miles of range) it will be an EV that is besting the likes of the Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen E-Golf which both have lower range prices.

Another benefit to the IONIQ will be the charging time when it shows up in EV form. The Bolt takes nine hours to fully recharge and the IONIQ EV will only take about four and a half for the same. This is even faster than the Leaf which takes six hours but a little less than the E-Golf which takes four hours to recharge. This may be the sweet spot of driving that we need on the market to be the right choice for many drivers.

As for the pricing, Hyundai is aware of the range differential and the affordability of the Bolt and the Model 3 which means this car should show up at a price that’s thousands of dollars lower than both the other models. Unless you have a long commute that requires over 100 miles of driving each day the IONIQ EV could be the right choice for you to have the drive you want that will recharge for you as you sleep to be ready to go the next morning when you wake.