01.09.17 - Uber

If you’ve chosen Uber for your ride to where you need to go, there are some rules you need to understand. While a vast majority of the world will see these rules as being common sense and never receive a ban from Uber, there are those who seem to think the world revolves around them and they can do whatever they want, especially when they’ve had too much to drink. It’s not as liberal as you might think to ride in an Uber, but this conservative approach is really just a way for you to show the respect you, the driver and the other passengers deserve.

No Firearms – This should be an easily understood rule, but some people have a carry permit and do so every single day. Other people just want to take their guns with them regardless of the permit. If you have a gun, knife, illegal drugs or other items that isn’t part of a normal ride in a taxi, don’t call Uber because you could be banned as soon as your ride is over and your driver is far enough away to report the problem to Uber.

No Stalking – The Uber driver, just like any waiter at a restaurant or sales person in a store, is providing you a service and as such is paid to be friendly. While you two might hit it off and have a great conversation there is a no stalking rule and certainly a no visiting rule as well. This rule goes both ways to help prevent you being stalked by the Uber driver as well.

Sexual Conduct – This is the workplace for the driver and there is a “no sex” rule in place. This doesn’t just go for the driver, it’s the same for other passengers in the car, including anyone you brought along with you. Save the lewd and sexual behavior until after your Uber ride is over and then you can enjoy being rejected on Tinder once again. Of course, this is a rule that goes both ways as well, so don’t expect any advances from the driver toward you, no matter how scantily dressed you are.

Communicating Threats – Threatening your driver is one of the fastest ways to get black balled from Uber. Your driver is sure to report this to the company and have you flagged. This includes and comments, gestures or conversation that can be construed as threatening, aggressive, sexual or discriminatory toward anyone else.

Damaging the Vehicle – If you’re so inebriated that you need a ride home, call a taxi and not an Uber, especially if you are someone who will typically vomit when you’re intoxicated. Other ways you can damage the vehicle could be breaking the driver’s phone, spilling food or driving on purpose or smoking. This isn’t your car, respect it until you get where you’re going.

While we’ve been used to many taxis allowing a wide variety of behavior in the back of the cab, the Uber vehicles are normally the personal vehicle for the driver and should be respected as such. Be courteous and polite and you won’t give Uber a reason to mark you as banned from using their company for the ride you need.