GMC has been one of the most awarded brands on the market in the segments it competes in for many years. The SUVs and trucks of GMC have been admired for many years as the vehicles more of us want to enjoy on the road than any other. Many GMC vehicles offer a wide variety of great features and the inclusion of the Denali trim, which turns any GMC model into a luxury vehicle, is perfect for the ride. Recently, AutoPacific award GMC with three awards, which the brand has won for three consecutive years.

The award is for the Most Ideal Popular Brand and GMC has led the segments it competes in with three vehicles. These three are the Acadia, Yukon and Sierra. The Acadia won as the top Large Crossover SUV, the Yukon for being the highest rated Large SUV and the Sierra as the Light Duty Pickup that owners wanted to drive. This award is certainly a source of pride for the team at GMC, giving them something special to enjoy and the recognition they deserve for building trucks and SUV that outperform many of the others on the market today.

These awards from AutoPacific don’t show just what a new vehicle is to the automotive experts of the world, but to the customers who purchased them. These awards are based upon over 65,000 owners of the vehicles across all manufacturers who have owned their vehicles for at least ninety days. These customers then get to weigh in on what changes they would make to the vehicle across fifteen categories, which may be the most important part of the award program. Using the feedback from customers who tell the auto brands what needs to be changed regarding handling, interior storage, ride quality, safety features, power, acceleration and technology manufacturers can easily make the needed changes on their vehicles.

Not only does the feedback show the team at AutoPacific where brands are lagging behind, but it shows them where they are making a difference and hitting the mark. This feedback makes a huge difference in helping brands know what they’re doing well and where they can make changes to improve and be among the top performers on the market for the next generation of their vehicles. These awards are an important part of vehicle development, especially with the feedback coming from actual owners.

For GMC, the Denali trim continues to be one of the most impressive ways they continue to rack up the awards. This high level luxury trim is one that makes up close to a quarter of the overall sales for GMC, bringing the brand the high level reputation that has been enjoyed for many years. Now that GMC has won these awards for a third year in a row the next goal is not only to have more models awarded, but to win the awards from AutoPacific for a fourth year running. With a strong 2017 lineup it’s certainly a possibility for this impressive brand.