We’ve all seen the commercials that promise to save you money on car insurance, but they don’t always tell you how you can do this. The new tools offered by insurance companies and automakers can make it easier than ever for you to pay a lower insurance premium each month. Not only can you save money, but you can learn how to be a better driver at the same time. Even though some of us feel as if we are already good at driving, Buick is offering a tool that can help you drive better and can potentially save you more on your insurance.

With the use of a new OnStar feature you can gain tips and guidance to become a better driver. This new feature is called Smart Driver and it’s made to be installed in your vehicle that’s On Star equipped as part of the basic plan on most 2015-2017 Buick models. This means the Smart Driver feature won’t cost you any additional money at all, making it a valuable tool that can help save you money in the process while also helping you become a much better driver .

The purpose of the OnStar Smart Driver feature is to help owners of Buick models maximize the performance of the vehicle you own while reducing wear and tear on the vehicle. This feature can also help you drive in a way that’s more fuel efficient so that you can save money in every possible way while driving. Once you’re enrolled in this feature you will have online access to the driving habit reports through OnStar.com which will give you information regarding your driving habits. This data can then be used to pinpoint which drivers need to adjust their habits and which ones are driving right.

The OnStar Smart Driver score is calculated using the driving data collected and it can be sorted by the day, week, month, year or for the life of the vehicle ownership. You’ll see information regarding the historical OnStar Smart Driver scores so you can compare month to month or week to week, the total number of hard braking events and when they happened, the total number of hard acceleration events and when they happened as well as a ton of additional information that’s compiled for the use of learning what type of driver you are and how you need to adjust.

The use of this data along with the high speed driving percentage, late night driving percentage, total miles driven, average MPG and MPH can all help you adjust your driving. Other items that can help include a comparison to the total number of other enrolled drivers along with the helpful hints on better driving that are offered with this enrollment and support. Using the OnStar Smart Driver system you can become a better driver which helps keep you safer on the road, but this should come with a financial benefit as well.

In order to receive discounts for your auto insurance by using the OnStar Smart Driver system you need to also enroll in the Insurance Discounts Eligibility portion of the service. This is a great way to see if your improved behavior can qualify for discounts on your insurance without giving out any personal details to the insurance companies. This system can save you as much as thirty percent off your insurance premiums and make it much easier to afford your vehicle and your insurance. In order to make the most of this feature of the OnStar system make sure your insurance company will offer discounts for good driving habits.