The automotive industry moves so quickly its often difficult to keep up and understand how fast you need to move to stay ahead of the rest. Genesis is a new brand for 2017 and is now the luxury arm of Hyundai but even with this being a new brand for this year the 2018 model year will see some improvements and upgrades to one of the only two models offered from this brand to give us a new look and feel in only its second year. Yes, that’s how fast this industry is moving and Genesis knows it has to do these things to keep up.

The Genesis G80 is the entry level sedan from Genesis and it offers you some of the most impressive performance and comfort items you could ask for from any luxury car. This car is the nameplate that made Genesis what it is and allowed the move from Hyundai into a luxury brand. For the 2018 model year there will be a new Sport trim added which will significantly increase what you want to enjoy on the road from this car that’s been showing us what luxury can be for us.

This new trim brings in a new look with more aggressive front and rear bumpers, new side skirts, a pair of vents in the upper and lower grill of the front bumper, larger side grills, a diffuser in the rear bumper and a pair of exhaust ports on each side of the rear bumper. The trim for the exterior of the G80 Sport is a dark chrome and copper trim that rides on 19-inch wheels. These changes alone are exciting and offer us an imaginative look of exciting beauty that’s singular and impressive on the automotive market for this luxury model.

You can’t have a car, especially a sport luxury model, that’s upgraded with better looks but doesn’t receive any mechanical improvements. Because of this the new G80 is being improved with the same V6 engine that’s under the hood of the G90. This engine is a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that produces 365 horsepower and 376 lb.-ft. of torque. That torque is available at less than 4,500 rpm to make it a fantastic low end power monster. Even though this new engine is exciting to put in the G80, it’s an interesting move because the G80 can be had with the 5.0-liter V8 as well, which is a more powerful engine.

To make this a more enjoyable car around the curves and out on the track Genesis has upgraded the G80 Sport with an improved suspension that brings in continuously adjusting shocks to improve the balance and performance. The transmission has also been upgraded to be more direct and give the shift points needed for the best performance possible. On the inside this car adds more carbon fiber, aluminum pedals, a leather sport steering wheel and leather seats that have copper contrast stitching. This look is a fantastic compliment to the exterior upgrades already discussed.

The new Genesis G80 Sport is a car that’s not headed to the top of the range as the power hungry beast but is headed to the front of the pack as the performance brute we want to enjoy. This car is sleek, sophisticated and alluring with impressive styling and generous power to give you the ride you want. Genesis did a masterful job of hitting every mark set for its performance luxury car in order to make a huge difference on the road and give you a ride that you’ll feel confident and comfortable pushing to the limits.