While we see wireless carries offer us a variety of unlimited data plans which make it easy for you to have the right plan for you this hasn’t been offered in vehicles until now. Chevrolet is working to make this possible for you so that you can have the data you need and not pay too much when you want to take advantage of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that’s included in your Chevy model. This would make it easier for you to understand what you’re being charged for and make it more affordable for you to have this hotspot active at all times.

With wireless carriers trying hard to outdo each other Chevrolet is offering you the use of the unlimited plan via AT&T to be used for your OnStar Wi-Fi hotspot. This unlimited date will now give you access to this internet connection for a low price of only $20 per month. This is extremely comparable to the plans offered for phones and make is easy for you to have the connection and capability you need. With the system that Chevrolet offers you’ll be able to enjoy connecting up to ten devices in your vehicle, making it easy for the whole family to enjoy the ride while being connected to the Wi-Fi.

The rates will vary for the Chevy model you have and the Wi-Fi system that’s installed in your vehicle. Whether you use the system on a regular basis or you need to make it something you use on a daily basis this is a great way for you to have the connectivity you’re looking for when you want something that’s right for you. The charges for this unlimited plan is the same as a normal 4GB plan from AT&T but you will have unlimited data to enjoy.

Just like most unlimited plans, you’ll have a certain amount of high speed data and then the rest of your data will be used at a lower rate. You might never reach the cap on the data as most of the AT& T device unlimited plans cap out at 22 GB of data per month, which is a huge amount of high speed data for you to make use of before you ever have to deal with a reduction in the speed your data is delivered at. This means you can use this data for a long time and you might never notice a slowing of the data delivery.

You will want to read the fine print regarding the speed of the data and when it will be reduced, but the reality is you will now be able to enjoy the right way to have data delivered to your Chevrolet Silverado or Malibu without a specific plan that’s offered. As the first brand to offer this unlimited data for you, it’s easy to expect other brands will make the same changes in the near future and offer you more of what you want; unlimited data which makes it easier to have the connectivity you want to enjoy.