04.20.17 - McLaren 720S - 2

If you’re able to spend the money to buy a supercar you want to put your name in the hat for the new pinnacle of automotive engineering from McLaren. The new supercar that’s been developed is one of the fastest accelerating and most engaging supercars to ever make its way to the track and still be a street legal car. This is a car that you might choose when you know you want to have something that can take off and get to the finish line first even though the direct competition wears the badge with the prancing horse on the logo.

McLaren has a history in the racing world, and that history isn’t just about competing at a high level, this company has been dominant over the years in the Formula One racing circuit. This has been the name of the company that has given Ferrari and Porsche so many fits on the track and now they bring their racing dominance and technology to street legal racing machines that you can enjoy in comfort and style when you want to show off for a night out but can also enjoy the fun of a track day and showing off the speed and precision of the car at the track.

The new McLaren supercar is the 720S and this ca does have the racing and comfort technologies you want to enjoy. The cabin is better than ever before with high grade materials and the comfort that you and your date will love while the enjoyment of the racing features of the car give you something impressive to enjoy on the track as well. When you drive around town you’ll have a full display in front of you but if you head to the track and switch to the “Track” mode on the selector, the display screen will fold down and give you the ability to see better and have fewer distractions.

This foldable display is only one reason you need to enjoy the ride in the new 720S and have a track day full of fun and excitement. Another is the fact that is car is part of the lineup of British automotives from McLaren that gives you something that isn’t Italian or German in nature to choose. This is a different choice and one that can seriously give you the excitement you’ve been after to enjoy at the track.

For some numbers that can blow you away, this car is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine, which is a little larger than the outgoing 650S. The car weighs in at 2,828 pounds and offers you 720 horsepower. The 720S can reach sixty mph from a standstill in 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 212 mph. Toss in the long list of aerodynamic features that help to push air over the engine, cut through the wind and push the car down on the track and this is a car that easily makes its way around a loop faster than most other supercars.

If you have $285,000 to spend on a car, the new McLaren 720S makes a great choice. This is a car company that doesn’t have a large corporate group to oversee its operation or hold it back, McLaren is free to create and go after the speed and the perfect racing machine you want with all the gusto that it can muster. This is the car you want to drive at the track and on the road as it brings the technology you’ve been after and the name that simply speaks to the dominance offered in the racing world.