The wait is over and we have finally been shown the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon which will be the next most powerful car from this brand in order to give us the amazing way to enjoy the ride. This is a car that we’ve been teased about for several weeks leading up to the New York Auto Show where we have the fun and excitement of this car on the stage. If you’re interested in this impressive sports car there are a few things you need to know that will make it even more exciting for you. You can also check out this video from AutoGuide.

840 Horsepower – The supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine that’s found under the hood of the Demon will give you 840 horsepower and 770 lb.-ft. of torque. This is an amazing improvement over the Hellcat in order to make sure you’ll have the ride you want when you’re ready to take out the competition at the track.

Sixty MPH in 2.3 Seconds – From a standstill this car is able to make the run to sixty mph only 2.3 seconds to be one of the only cars to ever be able to make this impressive run. There are only a handful of cars on the market today that can make this same run this quickly and this car is one that won’t cost you as much as some of the others.

Quarter Mile Time in 9.65 Seconds – If you took this car to the drag strip you would have one of the fastest cars at the track. The Demon reaches a trap speed of nearly 140 mph which has gotten it banned form competition in NHRA races because it’s just too fast to be able to be competitive with some of the other cars at the track.

Wide Tires – The tires of the Demo are a full 12 inches across and they make it easier for this car to stick to the track and create the smoke filled burnouts that you’ll want to enjoy when you’re ready to race this impressive car. This is a car that even brings you the front line lock that allows the front brakes to be locked and the back wheels to spin so that you can have the burnout you want.

Transition Tools – The Dodge team knew you would want to enjoy the ability to have the car transform from the road to the track and back to the road again. In order to make this a reality the Demon comes with a set of goodies that are called the Demon Crate to make sure you can transition this car the way you need to for the drive you’re going to do.

Lighter – The Dodge Demon is actually lighter than the car it’s built from. The overall weight of the Demon comes in around 4,300 pounds which is nearly 215 pounds less than the Hellcat. This makes it not only a more powerful car but one that has shed weight and makes better use of the amazing power under the hood.

Race Fuel Ready – The Demon is equipped not only with the two keys that were offered with the Hellcat but also comes with a powertrain control module that allows this car to be able to run on 100+ octane fuel that will make it ready to have its time on the track. Let this car take its time on the track seriously and have a great drive.

Cooled Properly Under the Hood – The new Dodge Demon is the first production car to feature a liquid to air charge air chiller system that makes use of the air conditioning system in order to lower the temperature under the hood by as much as 45 degrees. This allows the car to stay cool when it needs to.

Huge Hood Scoop – The engine needs to breathe tons of air in order to be the right way to power the car and stay cooled. This means a large hood scoop that is 45 inches across in order to put the air into the engine bay the right way. You’ll love the output of this car when you let the engine breathe right and take the Demon on the track.

Limited Availability – This car will be more expensive than the Hellcat but it will only be built in a limited production run of only 3,300 models. This car will be sold in 14 different colors to give you a great way to have the car that looks the way you want. This car will be sold in a total of 3,000 models in the US and 300 in Canada making it the car that’s only a North American offering.