When you start your car and leave your driveway every day, you’re making an assumption that the other drivers on the road will follow the same rules of driving that you do or that you’ll be able to avoid an accident because you’ll drive defensively. In reality, if everyone would simply drive by following the rules of the road we wouldn’t have any problems out on the road. There are some things that have taken place far too often and need to be brought to your attention to help you be a better driver and hopefully, you can help others do the same.

Improper Left Turns – Not only do you need to make sure you’re in the correct lane when making a left turn, you need to check both sides of traffic and see that you’re clear. Before you enter the intersection you need to have your wheels straight to make sure you don’t inadvertently turn into traffic. If you aren’t sure if the area is clear for you to go, the answer is most certainly “no” and you shouldn’t proceed. You also can’t assume the car coming toward you will actually turn just because they have their signal on.

Look Before You Enter – You can’t assume the driver next to you can see the intersection clearly and will lead you the right way. you need to see an intersection clearly and know that you’re able to cross in both directions. It doesn’t hurt to check the intersection in both directions multiple times before you enter and start to drive the way you want to. If you try to cross an intersection that isn’t clear you’ll end up in a troubled spot where you could be in a nasty accident that can cause you to be injured or dead.

Go on Green – When it’s your turn to go, you need to do so. Don’t be on your phone paying attention to a text or talking, pay attention to the light and be ready to turn. When you do turn, do so in the correct lane so that you can allow others to make a turn into their correct lane as well. There is plenty of power in your vehicle and you need to use that to make your turn and get where you need to go as quickly as you can to allow others to do the same during the duration of the light.

Crosswalk Signals – When the crosswalk signal allows pedestrians to walk, you shouldn’t turn into their area until the do not walk signal is alerting pedestrians to stay put. Of course, you still have to be mindful and look for pedestrians that may enter the crosswalk that you’re at or are approaching. Keep yourself aware and alert of what’s going on and make sure you can avoid an accident or a pedestrian while driving. These crosswalk areas change with regularity and predictability and you need to pay attention to help keep everyone safe.

Sitting in the Left Lane – One the highway, if you’re driving at a rate of speed that is faster than the rest of the traffic on the road, you can drive in the passing lane until you’re no longer passing people. On the other hand, if you aren’t passing an entire line of traffic and you start to see others passing you on the right then you are in the wrong lane and need to move over. This is one of the most dangerous situations that can occur on the highway and knowing which lane you should be in can help save lives.