Mazda has been the brand of fun and active vehicles for the past several years thanks to the engine technology under the hood which is called SkyActiv technology. This system is made to allow the torque to be delivered at a low rpm number to give a quicker acceleration and allow you to reach the speed you want much faster than you would in other vehicles. The SkyActiv system makes it possible for Mazda to keep their powertrains efficient and their vehicles affordable without adding turbocharging to the lineup, which makes this brand one that offers you the drive you want to enjoy.

In a recent announcement, Mazda informed us that a new version of the SkyActiv technology will be offered. This new version is called SkyActiv II and it is going to make its debut later this month in Frankfurt at an event that will be held prior to the Frankfurt Motor Show. This event will be a technology forum and this new technology will show the first homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) system being used in an engine that will be mass produced for a brand and offered for us to enjoy.

This new HCCI system is a sparkless ignition technology that is expected to be much more efficient than the previous version of the technology used. This system will cut the fuel consumption by one-third and it will be put into the new Mazda3 that will be offered for the 2019 model year. This new generation of the Mazda3 will be offered as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year in October to let us see this beauty cross the stage and allow us to learn more about what the new Mazda engine technology will be for us to have the drive from this brand that will be more efficient for us to enjoy the ride.

Once this new HCCI engine is offered in the Mazda3 we will see this new technology make its way through the entire lineup to be part of every Mazda we drive, just like the previous SkyActiv technology has been for the past few years. After the Mazda3 we’ll see this new HCCI system offered in the Mazda6 and then the Mazda2 which is still sold in other markets around the world. As the new generations of the CX-3, MX-5 Miata, CX-5, and CX-9 begin to be offered this system will be found in the engines for these vehicles as well.

We don’t have the numbers for what the HCCI technology will offer us just yet but this promise of an improvement of one-third for the efficiency is enough to make this an interesting engine technology and one we need to pay close attention to. The new SkyActiv II system should be right to improve what we already enjoy in our Mazda vehicles; a lot of fun and efficiency without the need of an overpowered or forced induction system. Just wait until the end of this month and check out what this system has for us when it comes to the stage during the technology forum.