The Partnership of Two Giants

When you think of car models from Japan two of the names that have experienced some of the greatest success that you can easily name are Toyota and Mazda. For many years these two brands have existed separately, but with the new partnerships that are being formed in the automotive industry, the two are about to be brought together in a way they haven’t in the past. While Mazda and Toyota have collaborated in the past to bring us a variety of vehicles, they are about to set out on a venture that will reach never before seen proportions.

These two companies have announced they will join forces and build a new $1.6 billion assembly plant in the US. This plant is expected to provide jobs for 4,000 workers and offer an annual production of as many as 300,000 vehicles each year. The goal is to have the plant open and operational by 2021 to begin to build vehicles that could be offered under both brand names or either one in the US market. This suggests we’ll see more SUVs or EV models coming out of this plant. The location of the new plant hasn’t been announced just yet.

As Mazda and Toyota partner in regards to the research and development of more electric vehicles and connected cars together. This partnership has been well-received by investors which love the idea of being able to reduce the risks involved for both of these companies. With this protection and the fact that automotive sales have slowed around the world, the protection of this collaboration is certainly attractive to those who have their fortunes invested into these companies. This will also continue the models and the qualities that are going to be offered for us to enjoy and may allow us to have the connectivity desired.

In addition to creating more of the electric car and connected car technologies, these two brands will also focus on the future of car safety features that can be offered in Mazda and Toyota models in the future. In addition to the added safety features, these two brands will expand the number of shared models between them. Right now Mazda supplies Toyota with the Mazda3 which is sold under the Toyota brand as the iA model. With this new plant in the US, the two brands can be free to explore more possibilities when it comes to the products offered around the world.

Does this mean Toyota and Mazda will stop competing in the marketplace? Not at all, bringing these two brands together in this manner we will continue to see these two compete on a high level and that competitive spirit will live together under the same roof. This excellent collaboration will make it possible for the vehicles offered with the items that are developed to be even better than ever before. The goal is to have continued development for both brands and to never let cars become commodities while delivering on a promise to have better cars on the roads for us to enjoy.