Over the past fifty years, the Ford Mustang has been a car that offers us the drive and the performance we’ve admired and desired. This amazing sports car is one that we’ve loved to drive, even if we never left the safety of the streets to see what this car could do in order to open up its performance and allow it to show us what we want to see when it’s time to take a drive and have a ride wherever you need to go and enjoy the ride.

This amazing sports car is one that’s considered timeless and offers us the style and attitude of the era that allows you to have the impressive ride you’re looking for. While the first generation of the Mustang was light, spindly and impressive, the Mustang grew to be a brawny muscle car by the 1969 model year. This car eventually transitioned to the 1980s Fox Body where there were creases offered on the car along with geometric styling that also offers us the look and feel of this particular decade.

The Mustang Montage

In the video linked below you’re not only going to see a variety of impressive models that have shown the different builds over the years that give you a look and some stats to show you more of what you’re looking for in order to give you a view of what this amazing car has been for the past several decades. The stats that came from the beginning include the engine that was a 4.7-liter Windsor HiPo V8 model and the car rode on the same chassis as the Ford Falcon for the first 1964 ½ model that gave us the original build and impressive items you can enjoy for the drive that you would have loved.
As we look toward some of the models that car began to offer us more of what we would love to have for the drive, the 1965 model with the Shelby GT 350 is car that was nicknamed the Cobra while using the same engine with a little more boring to the cylinders to make sure you could have the power you wanted. This car was a champion of the SSC Production B Class three years in a row. As you watch the video you’ll be able to see the growth, development and a few impressive stats for this car that makes it a model you’ll be amazed by in every part of the video.
Take a look at this amazing video and enjoy what the Ford Mustang has been for the drive you’ve admired over the many decades this car has been offered for you to experience what you want on the roads and tracks around the country. The Mustang is a car that continues to be a car you’ll want for the drive you’re going to experience for an amazing ride when you want to get out on the roads or head to the tracks and now you can admire the history in this video below.