Over the past couple of years that Alfa Romeo brand has added more models to the US market to allow this brand to begin to offer us more of the models we want to drive. This brand has had a history of being one of the most exciting and an exceptional brand on the market in the world, but it wasn’t able to be successful in the US in the past. The resurgence of this brand came when the 4C arrived to begin to build what this vehicle can be and offer us more of the right choices for the drive on the road.

Most recently the Alfa Romeo brand is one that has added the new Giulia sedan to the lineup and for this year the New Stelvio SUV is one that’s been added to show off the size and the performance that can carry the entire family. For the most part, the energy and investment made into these two models has left the 4C as a forgotten sports car model, but this model shouldn’t be forgotten because this was the car that caused us to pay close attention to what this brand has to offer.

What You Might Not Expect

Even though you might not expect the 4C Coupe and 4C Spider are being offered with basically the same features as before and at the prices that have been part of the drive for the past few years, this pair of Alfa Romeo saving models are being upgraded with a few items that can be great for the ride. The additional options that are being added to this car include a front fascia, carbon fiber vents, and black leather seats with yellow accent stitching. These items can make this the car that’s right for the ride you want in a car that’s been a ton of fun to discuss for years.
Other than these upgrades, the Alfa Romeo 4C will continue to enjoy the power from the 1.75-liter turbocharged engine that pumps out 237 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. This car is one of the lightest models on the market as it tips the scale at less than 2,500 pounds. These qualities are an impressive part of what makes the 4C the car that you’re going to want to be able to enjoy for the drive that you’ll love when this is the car you choose for the ride.
When you begin to look at the 2018 model year for this car, the colors you can choose from include Black, White, Basalt Gray, Alfa Rosso, Giallo Prototipo, Madreperla White Tri-Coat, and Rosso Competizione Tri-Coat. You can also choose red accent stitching instead of yellow and have read leather upholstery instead of black with the red leather offering you the option of black accent stitching for the drive. The car that brought Alfa Romeo back to the US and allows the brand to continue to grow has been upgraded with just a few improvements to be exactly what you want and expect for the drive.