If you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself on the track in a car that’s built specifically for the track you need to pay attention to what’s happening on the car you want to drive or ride in. Some cars have improved electrical systems that can offer you the driving fun you’re looking for when you want to drive one the supercars offered on the market that is able to tear up the track with the hybrid system offered. These cars typically offer a range of warnings to let you know you shouldn’t touch the vehicle at all.

There is a new car that’s fun on the track with a specialized way of telling you whether or not it’s safe to touch the vehicle. This new car is the Ferrari FXXK track-only hypercar which uses an insanely powerful electric powertrain along with the strong engine that makes it one of the most impressive cars you’re likely to ever see out on the track. When you see this car, there is one part that you need to seriously pay close attention to when you approach the car so that you don’t end up being shocked.

What this supercar has installed to help keep you safe when around the car is a cool fin on top of the car that has lights that tell you whether or not it safe to touch the car. If the lights in the fin are blinking red, the car is not safe to touch and these lights are an indication of the fact the car has shorted out and the electrical system isn’t working properly. On the other hand, if the lights are flashing green, this means you can touch the car and have no problems at all.

Similar to what the LaFerrari has to offer you this track-ready FXXK model uses an electric KERS-style recovery system to improve the overall output for the powertrain to go from 848 horsepower from the V12 engine to a full 1036 horsepower from the entire power system which has the addition of the hybrid motors as well. This is a lot of power coming out of this car and it can easily rocket you to an impressive top speed when you get in the car and take a ride or get behind the wheel and let your own driving skills show what you can do.

Take a look at the video below and make sure you pay close attention to what the fin on top of the FXXK is telling you. If you touch the car when the red lights are flashing you’re going to have an extremely short time with this car because you could end up with 480 volts that are put through your body when you touch the car. Let this amazing car be one that you can have some fun in when you go to the track, but heed the warnings and have an amazing ride that will offer you the pleasure and excitement you’re looking for.