For several generations, the Buick brand has been one that straddles the line between being a luxury model and the mainstream vehicles offered in North America. This excellent premium brand is one that offers us an amazing ride across the lineup, but last year the brand stepped over the line with its own sub-brand that we’re going to see in more models as this new name shows off with the success we expect. This new sub-brand is called Avenir to pay tribute to the concept model that wore the same name a few years ago.
When you consider what the 2018 Buick LaCrosse Avenir has to offer you’re going to be amazed at its performance. While this car is not a sports car that you can take to the track, the quickness to reach sixty mph in 5.6 seconds and the 14.2 second quarter-mile time at 99.7 mph means it’s no slouch on the road at all. This car can easily handle the challenge of getting up to speed and giving you the drive you’re looking for when you need to enter traffic and get with the rest of the crowd headed in the same direction.

Not a Track Car But…

Yes, the Buick LaCrosse Avenir has some of the qualities you want when you head out to the track but this is not a sports car at all. This large sedan is a highway cruiser that can be ideal for you to have a great drive. It rides comfortably and absorbs the road imperfections that you’ll find when you drive. This means you’ll have the smooth drive and quality ride you’re looking for when you head out for the drive and get ready to experience what this car has to offer.

The driving dynamics you can enjoy in this car include items that are part of the Dynamic Drive package which allows you to make use of active dampers and 20-inch alloy wheels to give you a fun drive in Sport mode. this system will turn off the floating feeling of the car and make it easier for you to have the engaging ride you want when you’re ready to put the LaCrosse Avenir to the test and see how it will perform for you when you head out on the road for the fun and engaging drive you’re looking for.

Get In and Take a Drive

Inside the cabin of the LaCrosse Avenir, you’re going to see a large selection of amazing features and qualities that make this the car you want to drive. This car gives you smooth leather upholstery, a generous amount of wood and metal trim, and a variety of luxury features. Sit down and turn on the seat heaters or the cooling feature depending on how you feel about the comfort you’re looking for when it’s time to have the drive you want when you head out on the road to take a drive.

The technology you can enjoy inside this car includes an amazing infotainment system that’s presented to you on a responsive eight-inch touchscreen. You can enjoy the navigation system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and the benefits of Google and Siri to give you the multimedia functions you’ll admire and enjoy when it’s time to head out and have a great drive. The music you’re going to enjoy when you drive this car will come from the eleven-speaker Bose audio system that you’re going to love to listen to when you drive this car that can be the place where you have the drive you’re looking for every day.

It’s a Luxury Car

Stop thinking of the Buick name as being only offered for models that straddle the line, the Buick LaCrosse Avenir is obviously a luxury car that can give you the amazing features you want and a fantastic ride. Take this car out for a test drive and realize you’re going to have a large sedan with the roominess, comfort, driving dynamics, and quality features that make it the car that you’re sure to love. This car no longer allows the brand to straddle the line; it’s truly a beautiful and sophisticated luxury car that’s right for you to drive.