Should You Drive a Vehicle that has a Sunroof

Over the past several years the development of different styles and sizes of sunroofs or panoramic panels in the roof have allowed for a larger view out the top of the vehicle you drive. This development is impressive, amazing and offers us an exciting feature that we never thought would be as much a part of what we enjoy on the road as it was in the past. When you step inside a vehicle with a sunroof you want to open it up and allow some of the outside air to come in or at least take a look out the panels.

While we’ve loved and admired the development of this feature of the vehicles we drive, the fact is, this might be an area of your vehicle that can cause you more trouble than its worth. If you have a fixed panoramic panel, its probably a safe bet your vehicle is fine and ready to drive without much worry because this glass roof is part of the structure of the vehicle, but if you have a sunroof that can open and slide, you might have something to worry about when you drive.

The Explosion is Possible

Over the past two decades, nearly 900 sunroofs have reportedly exploded while the owner of the vehicle was driving. This is a long period of time and a small percentage of the vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, the safety standards that have been studied by Consumer Reports show that the safety of a sunroof isn’t keeping up with the safety standards that we expect our vehicles to have when we drive on the road. The models that have had exploding sunroofs include many of the most popular brands of vehicles that we enjoy driving on a regular basis.

You might think a sunroof that explodes should be covered under warranty by the manufacturer, but that’s not always the case. There isn’t much consistency when it comes to the glass of a vehicle because of the inherent obstacles associated with driving, including the glass on top which is the sunroof. This means you could be stuck with the bill if your sunroof explodes while you’re driving, even if you’ve only recently purchased the vehicle. You need to make sure you’re protected and able to have this item repaired if it’s a defect from the automaker.

Thankfully, Consumer Reports has published some tips to make it easier for you to understand what you’re getting into when you choose a vehicle that has a sunroof. You could forego having this feature on the car you purchase, but if you want to have it, you need to make sure you ask about the warranty and what it covers, specifically the sunroof. If you’re told its covered by the warranty, make sure that’s specifically spelled out for you before you drive off the lot. Check out the article linked below and learn more about what you should ask for when it comes to the vehicle with the sunroof you want to enjoy in the vehicle you drive.