The Z car from Nissan dates back to the first generation of the Datsun 240Z and has been a glorious choice for the drive through the years. The first of the twin-turbocharged Nissan models showed up as the 300ZX in the 1990s and this car has been part of a few generations since then. The current model that we see offered is the Nissan 370Z and it continues to be offered for the 2019 model year to be a car that can be a lot of fun on the road, but it’s also one that seems to be losing its following.

Growing Older Doesn’t Mean a Loss of Life

The Nissan 370Z is a car that’s now in its eleventh year of production and it hasn’t changed much at all since it replaced the 350Z in the lineup. This is a car that some people may look at and wonder if it is still being made while others understand the glorious drive and fun that can be had when you get behind the wheel. This modern Z car is one that offers a bit of history wrapped in a modern car.

Looking Under the Hood

The Nissan 370Z has been a car that’s powered in a way that we know and admire. This car makes use of an impressive 3.7-liter V6 engine that’s capable of rocketing the car to the speeds you want to enjoy. If you want to reach sixty mph in only five seconds, this is the car that can get the job done. The torque is offered at lower rpm to give you a quickness off the line that’s certainly impressive. Take this sports car for a longer ride and let the car sprint to the quarter-mile in 13.6 seconds and reach a speed of 106 mph.

The transmission you enjoy is a beautiful six-speed manual that offers you the ability to feel in full control of what the Z-car has to offer. This system is geared short with tight ratios to make sure this car never falters. You’re going to be able to pass and move with ease on the highway where you’re going to be able to enjoy the car revving low which means you won’t need to downshift on the highway when you’re ready to pass cars in the right lane as you move to show the cars you pass the taillights.

Getting Inside This Z Car

The interior of the Nissan 370Z is put together perfectly to show you a place where you’re going to be able to enjoy the experience of driving on the road. The seats are supportive and enjoyable, the gauges are right in front of you, and the shifter is a great place for you to rest your hands. You’re going to be glad to have this car when you want to have a fun and active drive even though it’s not offered with some of the modern tech that you see in many other cars on the market.

Balanced for the ride you want

The chassis of the 370Z is offered with a fortified three-point front strut-tower brace and bar across the cargo area. This stiffening allows the car to feel solid even on bumpy areas of the road. The balance is right where you want it to be with 55.2 percent of the weight of the car being placed over the front wheels. The overall weight is 3,327 pounds, which makes this car feel light and active when you’re out for an exciting drive on the roads and tracks in your area.

Start it Up and Take a Drive

I can tell you about the balance and the feel of the Nissan 370Z, but there’s only one way to truly experience it. You’re going to need to see the team at your nearby Nissan dealership in order to see the beautifully crafted design and feel the energy this car offers for the fun and impressive drive on the road. Get behind the wheel and take a test drive in this Z car that can easily become the one you love to experience every weekend when you have some free time for a great ride.