When you look at the Mitsubishi lineup of SUVs, the Eclipse Cross is situated between the Outlander Sport and Outlander to give you a compact crossover SUV that can be the right choice for your drive. If you’ve considered driving a sedan or you want good fuel mileage on the road, the Eclipse Cross offers you the roominess you want and an efficient powertrain to make sure you have the drive that’s right. This SUV is built with plenty of style and features to ensure you have the ride you’ve been looking for.

A Drive that Feels Familiar in the Eclipse Cross

When you take this small and active SUV on the road, it might feel like a familiar place for you to have the drive you’ve been after. This little vehicle has the powertrain you want and offers you the benefits of everything that makes sense for your drive. The power comes from a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that’s mated to a CVT automatic transmission to give you ride you want. You’ll also have the option of the S-AWC, which is the Mitsubishi version of AWD, to give you the added control and confidence you want on the road.

It Sounds a bit Ridiculous

By now you must be wondering how this small powertrain can be enough to give you the power you need in an SUV, but it is. The power numbers even seem a bit off, but the fact is 152 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque is plenty for this small and active SUV. The torque hits its peak at only 2,000 rpm to give you the peppiness you want when you drive. Fuel mileage you’ll experience in this SUV comes in at 25 city/26 hwy to give you the affordability for the drive that you desire.

Excellent Versatility from Mitsubishi

When you take the Eclipse Cross out for a test drive, you’re going to notice the roominess of the rear of this vehicle. Whether you need to bring home a few items from the store or need to have a place where your kids can put their gear after an activity, the Eclipse Cross has what you need. When you don’t need to take people with you, you’ll be able to fold the rear seats down and have room for the added cargo that you need to carry.

Sometimes Good is All You Need

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross isn’t going to blow you away with incredible power numbers or a large engine. This SUV isn’t even going to surprise you with a massive efficiency number. What this SUV will do is fit into your life and give you an attractive vehicle with a peppy engine and plenty of great features for the ride. The Eclipse Cross can be one of the most useful SUVs you’ll find when you’re looking for the right model to take out on the roads for the experience you’re looking for every day.

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