The Ford Edge has been an excellent SUV for many years and its capable of being the right one for you to drive as well. This SUV is part of the midsize market and it offers you an excellent model to experience when it’s time to get out on the road. With seating for only five people, this is an SUV that’s being used more often for adventures, but Ford had equipped this SUV with a feature that makes it possible for you to make use of the equipment that’s offered in the most efficient manner.

The Drawback to AWD for Every Vehicle

No matter the vehicle, if it is offered with a two-wheel drive system or an AWD system, the one that only uses two wheels for the driving is going to be more efficient on the road. The power needed to have all four wheels do the driving takes more fuel and most automakers haven’t found a way around this issue. This means you have to compromise and choose to either have the added control of AWD or the increased fuel mileage of a system that uses two wheels for the driving needed.

The Ford Edge Does Things Differently

Ford has created an SUV that can be both AWD and FWD to give you the ability to make use of the systems you want when you want to. This is included in the Ford Edge as the new All-Wheel Drive Disconnect that is a bit different from the intelligent AWD that was offered in the past. The old system determined if an axle needed power and split it based on the traction and variables offered. No matter what, in the old system, some of the power was going to both axles, which made it impossible to maximize efficiency.

The new Edge models are capable of running in full front-wheel drive with the rear axle completely disconnected from the drive system. This isn’t determined by a switch or button in the cabin, but by the computer of the SUV. The CPU takes the information given and adjusts the vehicle as needed. When AWD isn’t needed to give the SUV the drive expected, it’s not used. This means a higher level of efficiency for the Edge and a better all-around experience for you when you choose to make this the SUV that you drive.

The Right Stability and Traction Control in the Edge

Along with the increased level of fuel mileage, when the AWD disconnects, it could be meant to give you the right traction and stability in this SUV. In previous models, there was always power going to the rear wheels, which meant the traction or stability might be hindered. There are times when all the power needs to be up front, and the new Edge is able to make this happen for you. Now, you can choose the Ford Edge with this AWD system and know that you’re going to have a fantastic SUV to drive and experience on the roads you choose every day.

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