Superb Outdoor Qualities from Argo

If you want to travel into the wilderness, you have a few choices. You can fill a backpack full of gear and carry it in on your own two feet, you can use an ATV that has a small amount of power that might not be able to handle the challenge of going through a river, or you can get an Argo. Argo is the name of the brand of vehicles that look like they’ve come from a Mad Max film but are built to be useful when you’re out in the wilderness.

Introduction the Argo Avenger 8×8 Huntmaster

This model from Argo has eight wheels, offers you a large hull that can handle the job of fording through a river, and has the power to get you where you need to go. This vehicle can carry your big game back to the truck where you can load it up to take it home with you. It’s also able to carry all your gear and get you to the location you want to go. Whether you hunt, camp, explore, or rescue, this is the vehicle that has the ability to get the job done and offer you what you need.

Features of this Impressive Argo

When you choose this big brute to handle the job of taking you into the wilderness, you’ll have a Kohler V-Twin engine that’s liquid cooled while offering you 30 horsepower for the work you need it for. This engine is attached to an Argo Admiral Transmission. You can use massive tires and make use of the 3,500-pound warn winch that’s mounted on the front if you get to a place where you need to be pulled through a tough area. This beast can carry up to 935 pounds of cargo and equipment wherever you need to go.

The Tough Body of this Argo

Both the lower and upper body parts of this massive Argo vehicle are manufactured using a high-density polyethylene material that’s made to keep out water and environmental hazards. This smooth and impressive underbody floats over the potential snags, stumps, and rocks when you have to make your way through the mud, snow, and other challenging terrains. When you ride in this vehicle you’re going to be amazed at where you can go so that you can have the drive you need and the ability to experience the outdoors the way you want.

Where Can You Find the Argo Avenger 8×8 Huntmaster

When you want an Argo with the big wheels, the big power, and the quality features of this amazing model, you need to make your way to see the team at Jeff Schmitt Lawn & Motorsports today. This is where you can find the vehicle you want and the financing that makes sense for you to have this vehicle in the wilderness. Put this brute to work and let it be the one that gives you the ability to get where you want without worrying about the challenges that are in your way.