One of the newest names in the Hyundai lineup is the Ioniq which has grown from a simple hybrid model to three choices for you. This is a vehicle that you can choose to drive that offers you a hybrid version, a plug-in hybrid model, and a fully electric vehicle to give you the drive you want in an efficient vehicle. For the 2020 model year, Hyundai is offering this vehicle with some upgrades to make it easier for you to have more of what you want when it’s time to take your hybrid or electric vehicle on the road for a drive.

A Bigger Battery for the Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai team now offers a new 38.3-kWh battery pack to replace the old 28-kWh model that was offered in the past. This new battery pack is certain to give you more driving range on a single full charge to ensure you can get where you need to go more easily than in the past. Right now, this new battery pack has only been tested on the European range cycle, which is typically inflated compared to the US EPA cycle. In Europe, this new version offers 182 miles of range, which should still give us a significant improvement in the US.

Style Changes to All Three Hyundai Models

On the outside of all of the Hyundai Ioniq models, you’re going to find a new grill with angular inserts in place of the previous grill. This allows the Ioniq to look less like a hybrid and more like a car that you see on the road every day. The optional LED head and taillights are more angular than they were in the past which allows this car to stand out at night better than it did in the past.

An Upgraded Interior Appearance

The HVAC controls are now located on a new gloss-black panel in the Ioniq. The infotainment screen is a large tablet-style 10.3-inch model that gives you the appearance you want. This screen replaces the 8.0-inch model that has been used in the past. These changes in front of your view will give this car a cleaner look on the inside when you get behind the wheel and take it for a drive. The seats remain the supportive and comfortable models that we’ve admired and enjoyed in the Ioniq versions that we’ve been driving already.

The Active Safety and Efficiency Offered

The Hyundai Ioniq now has the active safety features you ant including lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and more items that are offered as part of the standard package. There’s a new Green-Zone Drive Mode offered in this hybrid model that will allow it to switch to full EV model when used in certain areas when you drive. This improves the driving experience and is a feature offered on the European models of this car. We’re not sure if this feature will be offered in the US as well or not yet. The new Ioniq will arrive later this year to be the 2020 model that we can drive and enjoy.

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