Why Considering a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Can Make the Best Choice

Certified Pre-Owned

While nothing is quite like the feeling and smell of a brand new vehicle, there is a lot to be said of a certified pre-owned model. Many car companies have their own version of certifying a vehicle as a pre-owned model, which is a program that is designed to allow dealers to offer their cars with a warranty and give the new owner the knowledge that the vehicle has been put through a comprehensive inspection process to ensure it is fit to be certified as a pre-owned model.

Here is what one car company uses as their ten reasons you should consider a certified pre-owned model:

  1. First the vehicle must undergo a rigorous testing and inspection process. This helps to ensure the vehicle has not had any hidden damage that the previous owner tried to cover up and isn’t in danger of having parts no longer operate on the vehicle.
  2. Second, the vehicle must be a late model, be under a specified mileage and pass an inspection. This helps to ensure the vehicles certified as pre-owned are still going to give the new owner a great value for the money they are spending, even though it is much less than a new model, the value must still be in place.
  3. Next, a certified pre-owned vehicle is reconditioned with new items. This includes many of the consumable parts of the vehicle including the tires, brakes, battery, windshield wipers and anything else that typically has to be replaced during the life of a vehicle.
  4. The next part is the fact a certified pre-owned vehicle is like new, based on all criteria above but is sold at a much lower price. This gives you a like new car that will give you peace of mind, but not have you paying much more than you need to for the vehicle.
  5. Many car shoppers will look to get a certified pre-owned model as their first luxury vehicle or SUV. This gives them the experience of having this type of vehicle to drive without dipping into the new vehicle prices.
  6. Many times certified pre-owned vehicles have extended warranties or care warranties offered by the car company. This gives the new owner more protection than just the state “lemon laws” that would only protect them and their purchase for a short period of time.
  7. Often the certified pre-owned vehicles are lease returns. Those who choose to lease their cars do so knowing they have to utilize the dealer maintenance plan since they are going to be returning them to the dealer at the end of the lease. These cars are some of the best certified pre-owned models with only one other driver and low miles.
  8. The number of lease returns has escalated and it is estimated more lease returns will be returned in 2014 and beyond than have been since before 2008. This gives you a great list of certified pre-owned models to choose from at your nearest dealerships.
  9. The benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle may offer some great dealer programs that are normally only reserved for new car buyers. These programs could include warranty repair work, paintless dent repair, lost and damaged key replacement and much more at no additional cost.
  10. The certified pre-owned programs are usually backed by a respected and well-known national brand to give peace of mind when a vehicle gives trouble anywhere in the country.

Keeping these ten points in mind, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can offer you a great vehicle that has a fantastic reputation and offers the ability to fully enjoy the benefits of a car that not only you fall in love with, but your dealership feels is worth putting their faith in and stamp of approval on, not to mention the lower price and generally shorter payment terms that come with purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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