Public Roads are Not for Shows

Motorcycle Stunts

As much fun as it looks like to perform stunts on the road and see how fast your car can go this can become a very dangerous venture.  In our world of being fully connected along every possible stream on the internet we often feel we are in our own world and camera studio when capturing video of our actions.  The danger comes in when others are unwittingly involved in the action that ensues which can certainly spell disaster for everyone involved and show you the way to not act on any public roads, especially if the person chose to capture the evidence on video.

Part of the problem we see today with our ultra-connected world is oblivion to what is going on around us.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget everyone else on the road is a person with feelings, a life, loved ones and deserves the ability to continue to lead the life they choose without interruption from someone who has chosen this time in history to record their death defying antics on the public roads which are meant for safe and sane travel, not for stunts and hot rodding from those who have little to no regard for others.

There are places you can perform stunts and have them recorded, they are called tracks.  These locations are set up for you to be able to unleash the beast under the hood or on the bike to give you the chance to fully enjoy the ride and still come away with just as many marbles as you started with.  The advantage to doing stunts and performing laps at high speeds on a track is the fact that you can do this without the worry that someone else could be in the way or in any danger.

Imagine if you will capture video with your buddy as you both ride down a winding two lane road only to come across a car in the middle of the road that is stopped.  If you are travelling at safe speeds you can typically stop or slow down enough to assess the situation, but if you are heading at breakneck speeds there is  a high likelihood of an accident that could have easily been avoided.  On a two lane road this means you could swerve into oncoming traffic and end up in a head on collision, run into the back end of the stopped vehicle, or swerve off the road down whatever embankment makes up the shoulder of the road, all of which are not exactly desirable results.

In the video shown in the link below you can see the two vehicles racing down the road, one videotaping the other when they come upon a stopped BMW in the lane.  Both drivers are lucky there was no oncoming traffic and that they did not end up down the embankment that is obviously part of a large hillside which could have easily resulted in the death of one of the drivers.  Stay safe and sane out there people, save the stunts for the professionals.


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