Should Your Brakes be Squealing?

Should Your Brakes be Squealing

If it feels like every commercial vehicle you see has loud brakes and a noisy system under the cab that can be a bit annoying, that’s probably the case. While we seem to accept listening to a bus or a truck stopping with a set of brakes that squeal and make a lot of noise, we don’t expect to have this be the case when we drive our own vehicle on the road. In fact, the expectation is that we won’t hear any noises coming from the brakes when we drive.

Why is it that we’re ok with squealing brakes on our school buses, public transportation vehicles, commercial vehicles, and work vehicles but not on our own personal vehicles that we drive? Whether there’s actually brake squealing coming from the vehicle we drive that’s been dispelled because of the noise canceling technology aboard the models we drive, or this part of the vehicle is silent, you can bet we seem to feel there is trouble when our brakes begin to make noise when we drive. With that in mind, we need to discuss why we hear brakes that squeal and make noise when we drive and what it means for you.

Why do brakes make noise?

Do you know what your brakes are made of? Most brakes are made of some form of a composite of ceramic and metal that’s made to grip the rotor and bring the vehicle to a stop when you drive. The rotor is the metal part of your wheel that rotates in the wheel area and is used for the control that you need. because there are two metal/ hard objects rubbing together when you apply the brakes, there is a vibration that takes place, which will cause some noise.

What you need to know about your brakes is the difference between when the brakes are working for you and bringing you to a stop and when the pads need to be replaced. There is a distinct difference in the sound you’ll hear when the indicator bar, which is made of hard metal, is rubbing on the rotor and needs to be replaced. Even though automakers work to reduce the amount of vibration and noise you’ll hear from your rotors, it’s impossible to have brakes without some noise coming from them when you drive and difficult to make it so you won’t hear anything at all.

Porsche created the video below to educate you regarding the brakes in your vehicle and explain the fact they use the best materials in order to provide brakes that work perfectly for every vehicle. Although technology is in place to reduce brake squeal, environmental conditions, and driving habits can cause you to hear your brakes making noise when you drive. Know the difference between your brakes doing their job and the pads needing to be replaced and you’ll be able to enjoy the drive without being concerned that your brakes are letting out a little squeal when you drive.

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