When You Don’t Want a Minivan, Get the Perfect SUV

When You Don’t Want a Minivan


One of the reasons the minivan market has been dwindling over the years is the fact that there are a large number of capable and active SUVs that you can choose from to have the drive you’re looking for.

Most of us would rather drive an SUV and enjoy the impressive performance features offered when we want to head out on the trails and enjoy the off-road qualities offered. Let’s face it, an SUV just looks cool when compared to a minivan, making this class the choice you would want to make and the one we will compare.

The Honda Pilot

When you choose this model you’ll have an excellent package and the model that we’ve known on the market for several years. This vehicle is the largest in the Honda lineup and it offers you a nine-speed automatic transmission and easy access to the third row of seats. This is a vehicle that comes with a ton of excellent features to give you the items you want when you head out on the road to have a drive. You’ll want to take this SUV out for a drive and see if it’s the one for you.

The Dodge Durango

This is a name that you’ve known for a long time as one of the original crossover SUVs to be offered for the drive. This SUV makes use of an excellent infotainment system and has a smooth interior look and the ability to haul or carry what you need. This SUV has the power you want when you get out on the road for a drive or choose to take it to the trails to see what’s out there for you to enjoy. This is a model you’re familiar with and one that continues to give you the drive you expect.

The GMC Acadia

If you’re looking for the style and comfort of a vehicle that feels like a luxury model without the luxury title, this is the one you’ll want in the Denali trim. This GMC Acadia has dropped a ton of weight and length to be one that his even more fun on the road while giving you improved efficiency and an attractive interior with the electronics you’ve been looking for so that you can enjoy the technology that’s part of the experience when you get behind the wheel of the incredible GMC Acadia Denali SUV.

The Volkswagen Atlas

As the newest model to the market, the Atlas brings in a roomy SUV that offers you the items you expect to have from Volkswagen. This vehicle is made for the US market and it can make everyone comfortable no matter which seat they’re in. The roominess is excellent for carrying your gear to where you need to go and the seating is smooth and comfortable. Check out the infotainment system and the active and energetic powertrain that makes this SUV one you’ll be glad you chose to drive when it’s time to get out on the roads for an excellent ride.

The Mazda CX-9

It’s hard to beat the SkyActiv technology and early torque delivery of the CX-9. In addition to getting you going quickly, this SUV is quiet, has a luxury feeling to it, and offers you a flowing style you’re going to admire for the drive. There is a small cargo area and the third row is a bit hard to get to, but these are truly the only knocks on this impressive SUV. This could be the fun vehicle you want when you’re looking to stay away from the minivan that you don’t want to drive.

The Verdict

As you look to find the SUV that can be the right choice for your drive and allow you to experience the fun and active driving you want, these five are certainly some of the best choices you can make. They each have some qualities that make them right for the drive so that you can provide your family with the right style and the versatility needed when you’re ready to head out on the road and show off with the SUV that you chose as the family hauler that gets you where you need to go.

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