Second-Year Perfection

Second Year Perfection

Buick has been a brand we’ve admired and enjoyed on the roads for many years, and the LaCrosse represents the epitome of everything we love about Buick and the quality we expect to find from this premium brand. This impressive large sedan is one that’s quiet, comfortable, smooth, elegant, and filled with features that can put a smile on your face. It would be hard for you to find another sedan that offers as much for the drive as what the LaCrosse has to offer you including the standard hybrid power and available AWD which are both items that don’t tend to be offered in large sedans.
What does hybrid power mean for you? This means the Buick LaCrosse is a large sedan but it can give you the fuel mileage of a smaller vehicle when you drive. This is certainly a boon for you that allow you to enjoy the award-winning interior of the car, the cabin that offers you an engaging infotainment system and plenty of creature comforts, along with the onboard Wi-Fi system that gives your passengers the ability to connect when on the road and enjoy the drive. There’s also wireless phone charging offered and an amazing navigation system to help you get where you need to go.

Upgrades for Year Two

The Buick LaCrosse was redesigned a year ago to be able to enter a new generation. For the second year of this generation, the LaCrosse has been improved with a standard battery pack and small electric motor to give you the hybrid drive you’ve been looking for. There is also a new Avenir trim which is now considered a sub-brand of Buick. This trim is what you’d find if you dreamed of a classy luxury vehicle that you could have at a premium price for the drive.

Even though you might want to keep the new Buick LaCrosse for yourself, it’s likely you’ll have to share if you have a family. If you have new drivers in the family that need to know how to help them drive better behind the wheel, the LaCrosse can help you with the Teen Driver technology that’s included in this model. This system allows you to set parameters such as top speed, audio volume, and smartphone controls in the vehicle while also giving you reports and alerts regarding the driving habits of your new driver.

The Buick LaCrosse is the vehicle that allows you to have the luxury qualities you want at a premium price. This car is quiet, refined, comfortable, and supple on the road while being one of the most attractive vehicles you’ll ever see. Make this the car that’s right for you when you see the team at your nearby Buick dealership and take this beauty out for a test drive. You’re going to love the ride and be amazed at the efficiency of the standard hybrid powertrain that can help you spend less but get so much more in this large sedan.

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