Cadillac CT6: Large Luxury Sedan

Cadillac CT6 Large Luxury Sedan

Most of the time, when you think of a large luxury sedan you’ll think of models that come from Europe and carry names you know. Instead of turning to the competitors from Europe, check out the American luxury qualities offered in the Cadillac CT6. This amazing and large Caddy is one that takes on the luxury heavyweights and surpasses them in many ways. This vehicle has a low and wide body, a large list of luxury technology and the powertrains you want when you’re ready to head out for a great drive in your area.

What makes the Cadillac CT6 the right choice for you? This impressive large sedan rides on the newest Cadillac Art and Science design platform to make this the car that can allow you to have the comfort and features you’ve been after. The high-tech features you want and executive-level comfort make their way into this sedan to be the right one for your driving needs. The handling and power you’ll find for the drive will put a smile on your face and the driver assistance features you find in this car make it feel as if it could actually drive itself on the road.

Last year, the Cadillac CT6 showed up with something new to give it more efficient than in the past. This new addition was the plug-in hybrid model that was built to appeal to your nature of saving the planet. There are a few new additions for this year which include new colors and trim, Automatic Parking Assist to ensure you can take your hands off the wheel and feet of the pedals to let the car park itself, and a new entertainment system packages a rear seat entertainment system with the Panaray audio system.

The Driving Smoothness You’ll Admire

Cadillac includes the Magnetic Ride Control which is the bar that other automakers aspire to when it comes to having a smooth ride that’s able to handle all troublesome areas on the road. This active suspension technology uses on-demand AWD and four-wheel steering to ensure you’ll barely every know the road is under this car. This feature is offered as part of a package on the V6 models and is standard On the Platinum Hybrid models to make sure you can have the stability you’ve been searching for on the roads that you drive on a daily basis.

Make the right choice and find the large luxury sedan that proudly flies the flag you’re familiar with. The Cadillac CT6 is the flagship luxury sedan of this brand and it’s built to be an incredible model that will ensure you have the driving experience you want. Recognize the incredible place on the market the CT6 happens to occupy so that you experience the drive you need on a daily basis. Come in and see your nearby Cadillac dealership and see if this sedan can be the right one for you to drive; it will only take one test drive for you to know this is the car you want to enjoy on the road.

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