Celebrating the Century of Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado

For 100 years, the Chevrolet brand has been building Silverado trucks that we’ve trusted to help us get things done and be able to make a difference in the hauling, carrying, and driving we need to do to get products and materials from one place to another.
These trucks have been built tough and have been able to offer us a ton of excellent qualities that make the different work industries easier for us to participate in. Whether it was on a farm, at a construction site, or pulling a boat, Chevrolet trucks have been easy to spot over the past 100 years.

Because this is the centennial year for the brand and the trucks they have built, Chevrolet wanted to have a celebration that would be appropriate for the ride wherever we need to have the drive. How do you celebrate over 100 years of getting things done and building the vehicles that we’ve expected to have for the ride that’s been needed for the drive? It seems, the team at Chevrolet knew how to celebrate and did so in a place where more trucks are used than any other area in the country.

The Celebration

The location was the Texas Motor Speedway, which has been the sight of many different events with trucks over the year, and the event required not only the Silverado, but also a Sikorsky helicopter. This helicopter was actually used to unveil the 2019 Chevy Silverado for all of those lucky race fans to behold. The details might have been scant regarding this truck with no information regarding the powertrains and trims that are offered yet, but the new trim that was shown off at the event to celebrate the past 100 years is the new Trail boss model.
This new Trail Boss model is one that brings us the benefits of the Z71 package plus a two-inch lift kit right from the factory. The styling that showed up in this truck is one that showed up and looks the way we’ve expected it to with the new C-shaped LED trim under the narrow lights. The character line moves from the front to the ground to give this truck some looks that we want to enjoy and we see new wheel wells that are significantly more rounded than the ones that were squared-off on the models of the past.
In the rear of the new Trail Boss model, we see a set of exhaust pipes that are shaped in a narrow way to reflect the shape of the headlights. The tailgate wears the name of the brand and the bumper steps are still in place on this trim. There will be more information offered in the future as we see more of this truck, but when you think of the location and the drama that was brought to the track, this was certainly an appropriate way to celebrate 100 years of building trucks that we’ve loved and have gotten more done for us than any other truck brand in history.

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