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Buick Has Been Reinventing Itself – Has it Been Helping?

Buick Has Been Reinventing Itself-Has it Been Helping?

The Buick lineup is only made of SUVs now; does that make you worry about the brand, or do you think it’s the right mix?

This is a question that Buick is continually trying to answer when faced with sales numbers, more competition, and their position in the market. This brand was the first to come up with the 24-hour test drive, this brand was one of the first to delete all of its sedans and focus only on SUVs, and it’s the brand that sits in a premium part of the market, straddling that line between mainstream and luxury vehicles.No matter how much the current formula helps the brand, you can find high-quality SUVs when you visit your nearby Buick dealership.

Buick Encore – One Last Hurrah

When you want the premium subcompact crossover SUV that wears a name you love and admire, the Buick Encore is the right vehicle for you. You’ll admire the refined feeling, the smooth drive, and the park-anywhere size of this little SUV. We know this vehicle will not be offered after 2022 because the larger version is already present and will continue to be the SUV that we turn to as the small Buick that we love to drive.

If you take the Encore out for a spin, there are two items that can stand out to you, giving you the qualities you’re looking for. First, the active noise canceling technology included in this model makes it easy for you to have the serene feeling you’re looking for when you move around on the road. The cabin is hushed and right for you. Next, you’ll admire the AWD system that is optional and worth the small cost to have power going to all four wheels. Get out on the light trails and enjoy the ride with the Encore.

Buick Encore GX – A Bit More Room

You want a subcompact crossover SUV, but you also want a bit more room to move around and feel comfortable in the cabin. The Buick Encore GX can easily be the right one of the Buick SUVs to drive every day. This is a slightly bigger SUV than the typical Encore, and it makes driving a bit more comfortable for you. When you want to experience a vehicle that straddles the line while maintaining the premium qualities you expect from Buick, this is the SUV for you.

Technology is the name of the game when it comes to this Buick. The Encore GX gives you an Advanced Technology Package for the upper two trims, which bring you items you’ll love during your drive. This package has a 360-degree camera system, a navigation system, adaptive cruise control, rear parking sensors, and a head-up display. You’ll admire the versatility of the cargo area with its dual-level luggage area that gives you a flat load area when the seats are folded or a deeper area to use when they are in the upright position.

Buick Envision – Better Than Your Typical Crossover

The compact crossover SUV class is filled with models that seem to be a little bit similar to each other. There’s no denying the Buick Envision is a departure from the typical compact models that you see. This is one of the most impressive SUVs in the market with its upscale features, quality driving dynamics, and premium style that comes at an affordable price. You can enjoy the benefits of AWD on any of the three trims, giving you the added control that will make this SUV the one you’ll love to take out for a drive.

The packages offered for the Envision make it one of the most intriguing of the Buick SUVs that you’ll drive. Go all the way to the top and enjoy the Avenir trim, which has everything you might expect to find in a luxury model. If you want to see another package that gives you something special, the Sport Touring Package is filled with dark aesthetic features that will give you the added sportiness you’re looking for. The Buick Envision can be the SUV that you’ll want to drive every day and it comes packed with everything that makes your experience better on every road.

Buick Enclave – Excellent Packaging for the Entire Family

If you’re looking for plenty of room for up to seven people to ride along in comfort and style, the Buick Enclave can be the ideal vehicle for you. This is the largest model in the Buick lineup, and it brings you the quiet and comfortable driving manners that you’re looking for. You won’t find anything boring or mundane about the Enclave; this SUV is the midsize model with the spacious cabin you’re looking for when you want versatility and plenty of room for your entire family.

The cabin area offered in the Enclave gives you the cargo space you’re after. This vehicle brings you more room than some full-size SUVs. When all three seats have people in them, you’ll have 23.6 cubic feet of room behind the rear seats. Fold the two rear rows down and open up 97.6 cubic feet when it’s time for you to carry gear along. As expected with one of the Buick SUVs, you’ll have the benefits of Quiet Tuning technology that offers a combination of chassis calibration, body rigidity, laminated glass, active noise cancelation, and sound-deadening materials that help you have the hushed cabin you want to experience on the road.

Has This New Lineup Helped Buick?

While it’s hard to truly determine whether or not the new SUV lineup has given Buickthe strength it needs or not, it’s good to see there are SUV models for nearly every driving desire offered by this premium brand. The GM plan is to add more models with electrification and hybridization to the Buick family, but until that happens, you can select one of the four models offered. Which one of these Buick SUVs will be the right one for you to bring home and enjoy a premium drive every day?

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