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For the Adventurous: 2022 GMC Terrain AT4


The GMC Terrain has been updated for 2022 and is one of the lowest-priced vehicles under the GMC brand. GM hopes that the updated and affordable Terrain will appeal to younger buyers and those just becoming familiar with the GMC brand. Part of the update includes the new AT4, which is an off-road focused model. Let’s take a look.

Rugged and Affordable Appeal

GM’s target demographic for the Terrain is millennials and other young buyers who enjoy an adventurous lifestyle exploring the great outdoors.

The Terrain has plenty of competition as increasingly more buyers move away from sedans in favor of compact SUVs and midsize crossovers. Featuring more standard tech and a new rugged off-road trim level, the Terrain is positioned to pick up new fans among the younger set. Some key features of the GMC Terrain AT4 include:-Turbocharged 1.5-liter engine making 170 horsepower-Standard AWD-Sport terrain tires-Quiet cabin-Smooth ride-Plenty of standard tech.

There are some cons for the AT4 as well, but they’re relatively minor. Namely, the AT4 isn’t hugely different from the regular Terrain models, it just adds a few off-road accessories and visual upgrades. The interior also isn’t as luxurious as you might expect from GMC.

What’s New About the GMC Terrain AT4?

If you’re looking at a GMC Terrain, you might want to know what exactly is new about the AT4. Most AT4 trims from other GMC models offer standard AWD as well as a lifted suspension, chunkier tires, a locking differential, and a skid plate. The AT4 drive mode selector also includes an off-road mode. The GMC Terrain AT4 doesn’t get all of these upgrades, but it does have the off-road mode and a front skid plate. The off-road mode utilizes the ABS system to distribute power to the tires to gain better traction.

A lot of the extras on the Terrain AT4 trim are actually visual upgrades. It features black-out wheels and trim, and the grille has a striking shadow chrome look. LED headlights and tail lights complete the visual upgrades for the Terrain AT4.

Driving the Terrain AT4

How does the GMC Terrain AT4 drive in off-road situations? The Terrain AT4 generally has no problem with mild trails and grades, but it only has 7.9 inches of ground clearance, so it won’t be a rock-crawling vehicle. However, it shouldn’t have any problems taking you to your favorite hiking spot somewhere off the beaten path. The Terrain AT4 compares favorably to models like the Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road in that it doesn’t sacrifice any on-road performance for off-road chops.

Realistically though, most buyers looking at a vehicle like the Terrain AT4 aren’t looking for an off-road machine but rather a civilized SUV that can hold its own on a few unpaved trails. The GMC Terrain AT4 is a nice affordable option for younger car buyers who want an entry-level SUV that offers decent interior space and some off-road capability.

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