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Top 5 Used Sports Cars the Average Person Can Afford

Top 5 Used Sports Cars the Average Person Can Afford

Driving a fun sports car doesn’t have to break the bank. Right now, more than ever, there are a
ton of sports cars out there that deliver plenty of thrills and power. They may not all be
supercars, but they still offer high performance. The next time you visit used car dealerships,
keep an eye out for the following affordable models.

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Most of the time, the answer to the affordable sports car question is the Mazda Miata. Whether
new or used, the Miata combines a lightweight and balanced chassis to deliver one of the best
driving experiences available. A four-cylinder engine combines with a smooth-shifting six-speed
transmission to deliver power to the wheels. Regardless of price, the MX-5 Miata is one of the
most enjoyable performance cars you can buy.

2. Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro is closer to what the average person thinks of when they think of a
sports car. The good news is that getting into a Camaro is pretty affordable. New versions of the
vehicle start around $30,000, but you can get them for even lower prices at used car dealerships.
The base engine is a turbo four-cylinder, and the most popular V6 engine makes 335
horsepower. The Camaro’s interior is fairly cramped, but a convertible version makes it feel a
little roomier.

3. Subaru WRX

New models of the Subaru WRX are already pretty affordable at around $30,000 to start, but
used versions are even more affordable. The WRX has a niche fanbase, but it delivers around
268 horsepower depending on the model, it also is available with a six-speed manual transmission.
Like the Miata, the WRX relies on its balanced chassis and precise steering to deliver an
exciting driving experience.

4. Ford Mustang

Coming in on the traditional muscle car side of things, the Ford Mustang is a familiar and
affordable name in the sports car segment. Although it starts at a higher price than the Camaro
brand new, there are plenty of lower-priced options on the used market. Along with excellent
performance specs, the Ford Mustang offers a lot of standard niceties compared to its rivals. It also
feels roomier inside than the Camaro.

5. Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic Si falls into the hot hatch segment and is among the affordable sports cars that
don’t feature big engines or muscle car looks. What the Civic Si does have to offer is a fun
driving experience with its 205-horsepower inline-four engine combined with a six-speed manual
transmission. The traditional Civic has gotten sportier over the years, but the Si trim makes it
official with performance equipment like bigger brakes, adaptive dampers, and sharper steering.

Finding an affordable sports car at used car dealerships isn’t as hard as you might think. Some
options might stray from the traditional mold of a sports car, but the main thing they have in
common is a thrilling driving experience.

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