11.08.16 - Hot Wheels Logo

In a generation and a time where it feels as if everything is disposable, it would be nice to know that some things of the days gone by can still be brought back to life. Even today many of us admire those who are willing to go out and find items that have been forgotten about or just stored for many years that can be made to be part of something special once again. There are plenty of shows on TV that give us a look at those folks who dedicate their lives to restorations and finding something old to bring it back to life.

Do you have a collection of old Hot Wheels cars that you played with as a kid? Are they a bit beat up? Do your kids have some great Hot Wheels cars that have seen better days and need to be brought back to life? Would you love to find a way to make your kids cars look like something different than they did when you bought them? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this video is a great way for you to learn how to restore and refurbish your old cars.

The beauty of Hot Wheels cars or any other metal toy cars is the ease in which they can be refurbished to look great once again. There’s no reason to toss out any old cars, and if you happen to come across a great find of a collection of these cars at a garage sale, you should snatch them up right away. You can take some old cars and make them look like new once again with a little bit of paint and some great items that help you get the job done.

While the host of the video used the same color paint and some basic skills to get the job done you can easily get creative and make up new colors and schemes to bring your old Hot Wheels cars back to life. Rather than tossing out some of the vintage models you had as a kid you can fix them up and restore them to pass them on to the next generation of toy car loves who will love the idea of playing with these cars on some great tracks that they put together.

Hot Wheels cars have been around a long time. Some of these collectible cars are worth quite a bit of money, but more important than that is the nostalgia and the enjoyment of seeing the next generation who will love the cars. Taking a collection from many years ago, fixing them up and then giving them to a young child as a gift for their birthday can be a special way that you get to bond with the next generation. Don’t let your love of Hot Wheels cars die and don’t allow others to toss out these treasures, let them be loved again by fixing them up and making them look and feel like new once again.