11.22.16 - Ford F-150 Raptor

We’ve talked at length about the new Ford F-150 Raptor that’s being released for 2017. This beast is to be one of the most impressive performance vehicles that we’ve ever seen on the market. Using a strong engine, high build, exceptional performance parts and the most popular truck on the market today are certainly the recipe for success, but no one would have known that the Raptor would be so successful right out of the gate and there was always the chance this truck wouldn’t make the numbers that were expected from this awesome build.

The 2017 Raptor is by all counts a high performance off road truck that is built to be a great performer on any terrain. This truck is made to be capable of moving mountains and reshaping the landscape which has been part of the attraction of this awesome machine. Even with a high powered engine, the Raptor isn’t so bold as to not offer some fuel efficiency as well and the turbocharged V6 engine under the hood is efficient enough to make it one of the most attractive trucks you can buy even from a fuel standpoint.

Even with all the hoopla and the high performance of this truck it would have been hard to predict what happened once the ordering of this tuck was allowed. during the first ten days of the ordering being offered there were over 90,000 hits on the Raptor build and Price configuration site, which shows a great number of people are interested in seeing what this truck has to offer. 91 percent of those who looked chose the SuperCrew model and ninety percent wanted the Luxury Group with 77 percent selecting the Technology package as well. This means that more people who looked at this truck wanted it fully loaded than anything else.

The waiting list of this truck has grown daily and some dealers are already nearing their inventor allocation max before the truck even rolls off the production line. The production of the Raptor began this month and it seems every one of these trucks will be spoken for before they ever make it to the dealerships to be offered as the models that more of us want to drive than any other truck. This makes for an impressive and exciting truck that so many want to drive it’s amazing. There are even some dealers who have already turned dealers away.

The Ford Raptor is certainty a truck that shows it will be successful as long as the equipment and availability are what customers want. With the activity that’s already taken place on the site along with the number of customers waiting for their Ford Raptor to be built it might be a good idea for Ford to increase the production of this high performance truck model and make sure everyone who wants to enjoy the drive in this gorgeous new truck can do so. This certainly is a model that is hot right out of the gate and we’re ready to see them on the road.