The Mitsubishi Evos Show Up

Once a year Mitsubishi holds an event at their headquarters in Fountain Valley, CA. This event is held to give Mitsubishi owners a chance to bring their vehicles, show off what they drive, and enjoy a social event full of food, music, and fun. Every year, there are hundreds of Mitsubishi owners that show up at this event with a variety of vehicles, but one model shows up in more numbers than any other. That model is the Mitsubishi Evo, which is a model that hasn’t been built by the brand in a long time, but still has a strong following.

What is the Mitsubishi Evo?

The Evo was one of the greatest cars we’ve seen that tuners love to take and update with a number of aftermarket parts. This car was built with power, handling, balance, and enthusiasm to be one of the most impressive and fun cars to drive when you got into the driver’s seat. The fact that this model continues to show up at the annual event more than any other is significant. The Evo is a car that’s so good that there are several Evo clubs around the country and many of these clubs look forward to this event every year.

Mitsubishi Employees Love the Event

There are over 300 employees at the Mitsubishi Motors North America headquarters and more than half the staff shows up regularly for this event. They help to organize the event, cheer on the owners, and mingle with the crowds. None of the employees that pitch in to help with the event are getting paid, they do it because they love the experience and the fun of this annual celebration of the brand they are proud to be part of that allows owners to bring their models to the location to show off.

Evo is at the Heart of it All

Sure, there are other models that show up at this event including some Pajeros, Monteros, Eclipses, Delicas, and other models, but the heart and the passion of the majority of the crows come in the form of the Evo. Several of the clubs drive from many miles away to bring their models to this location to let others see what they offer. The Evo is considered to be comfortable enough to handle the long drives with a good seating position and ergonomics along with the balance needed.

The Bittersweet Celebration

The celebration of the Mitsubishi Evo that’s experienced every year at the headquarters is a bit of a bittersweet event. While this event is for all Mitsubishi owners, the fact that the Great Recession killed off the Evo for the brand has left us without a sports car from this brand for over a decade. Maybe it will come back, but for now, the Mitsubishi brand offers us a strong lineup of SUVs that we can enjoy driving. Until the return, we can admire the Evo models that make their way to the headquarters for this celebration every year.

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