Dodge Dealers Acting Outside of Regulations


The Hellcat models of both the Dodge Charger and Challenger have become extremely popular and have already sold more than Dodge expected to sell at all. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has issued several statements regarding the allocation of remaining inventory of the Hellcat models but in the process of running low on inventory across the nation as well as having only a limited production run, a handful of dealers have been found to enter into unscrupulous business practices regarding the sales of the Hellcat models.

Obviously one of the problems is the ordering of the car, which is basically unavailable, and the allocation of the remaining inventory has caused a huge disruption by dealers. No dealer wants to lose a sale, but is one car really going to be the difference between handing your business with integrity and doing things right? So far, FCA has reported findings of dealerships taking deposits on the Hellcat models as well as adding a huge premium to the price of the cars in order to keep them in their own inventory for sale instead of allowing the allocation to take place.

Because of these business practices, FCA felt it was important enough to warn potential buyers of these business practices and inform them of the allocation process. The entire process has been outlined in the “Objects in the Mirror Blog” that was written by Gualberto Ranieri, FCA’s Senior Vice President for Communications who stated a large number of the Hellcat models have been sold and dealerships have been taking deposits for these models with no actual ability to fulfill the orders. Worse than just the in ability to do this, these customers are not being informed as to what may happen, which is the orders may not actually be filled.

Can’t the customers who placed deposits on the cars get their money back? That really depends on the laws of the state or municipality. For this reason, FCA has warned customers to ask questions, read the allocation plan and understand what will actually happen with these Hellcat models. Some dealers have even been found to accept a deposit just to keep customers from going down the street to find another dealer who may actually have the Hellcat model on their lot. This is also unacceptable as a business practice and regardless of the possible missed sales, a few Hellcat models are not going to make or break a dealership, which is why FCA has advised dealers to handle their business appropriately and understand the allocation process.

The Dodge Hellcat in ether Charger or Challenger form is a seriously powerful Muscle Car that has a huge status and amazing performance for you to fully enjoy, but before you buy, be sure you fully understand the allocation process and rules of your state. By knowing what your dealership should be doing to sell you one of these cars you will have a much better understanding of how to handle the purchase of a new Hellcat and not be one of the few customers who has put a deposit down with no chance of having it returned to you.

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