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2016 Models on the Horizon

2016 Cadillac ATS/ATS-V

You can nearly see them there coming just over the horizon line, the new models for a new year.  Every fall we get the pleasure of two things; football and new cars.  What do these new cars have to offer, how many new models will there be, which one is right for me?  All these questions and more will surely be answered as I enter the fourth part of this series that gives you ten more 2016 models and some of the highlights of what they will bring you for your driving pleasure and purchase consideration.

Buick VeranoBecause we wanted a Buick for less than $25,000 there was a base model added that comes in at a base price of $23,000 in the middle of 2015.  Otherwise the Verano remains unchanged but that is certainly a good thing since it offers a lot for the money even at the base price.  Of course moving up the lineup gives you an even better Verano which does ride on the new DXX platform.

Cadillac ATS/ATS-VThe changes here are in the power plant where the ATS-V is now a real sports car and the ATS is to gain the 3.6-liter V6 that makes 335 horsepower.  The eight- speed automatic transmission is to replace the older six-speed as well, making this one of the most fun luxury cars to drive.  Add in the CUE infotainment system and you have a car that seems to know your every move.

Cadillac CTS/CTS-VSimilar to the ATS the CTS is the larger sport sedan from Cadillac and adds the massive supercharged V8 engine in the CTS-V that produces 640 horsepower.  This model will also add the V6 and eight-speed transmission.  With that Corvette engine under the hood the CTS-V has already proven it can beat many of the European models on the track with power and performance.

Cadillac CT6/Plug-InFor at least a year or two the CT6 will operate as the flagship sedan and the all new supersized luxury model bearing the Cadillac emblem.  Hybrid enthusiasts can rejoice as there will be a plug-in mode along with a powerful twin-turbocharged V6 that can please the power hungry vets.  This large sedan will surprise you with a weight of only 3,700 pounds and a magnificent suspension.

Cadillac ELRWith a much lower price and a better electric only range the ELR offers the quiet comfort you want from a Cadillac model with the right equipment.  The total range with the gasoline backup is now 330 miles, making it easy to enjoy long road trips in style.  Built only as a coupe the ELR is sleek, sophisticated and elegant on any road and will certainly turn heads of all onlookers.

Cadillac XTS – As another large Caddy the XTS offers some cool upgrades to the technology package found inside such as the infotainment system, the addition of the wireless cell phone charging system and a 360-degree around view camera that helps with parking.  the wreath is gone from the crest logo but the XTS is still unmistakable as a Cadillac.

 Chevrolet CamaroThis is an all new redesigned Camaro that makes it easy to love.  The wheelbase is shorter, the car has lost 200 pounds and there are three engines offered for this beauty.  The Z/28 continues to be king of the platform and with these changed dimensions is expected to be the leader among pony cars as one of the best cars on the road as it was in 2014.

Chevrolet CorvetteJust saying Corvette is exciting and for this model year there will be a special edition comprised of 500 units.  There are several models of the Corvette to choose from but for truly American power and muscle you certainly don’t want to go anywhere else.  The long history, amazing engines and superior handling make the Corvette the right choice for a fan or raw power to drive.

Chevrolet Cruzethe already popular Cruze gains a redesign this year and looks sportier than ever.  the exceptional lines and character give this car a look of meanness to it, even though its built to be a great family/commuter car.  With good fuel efficiency you will be able to go farther in this car than many competitors.  We will see the sedan very soon but the hatchback won’t be around until early in 2016.

Chevrolet ImpalaAdding wireless charging and a Midnight Edition Appearance package gives the Impala a look that is almost sinister, but in some ways is exciting and elegant.  This package adds 19-inch wheels, a blacked out grill, black bow tie emblems, black paint and arear spoiler to complete the look.  IF you thought you like the Impala before, you should take a look at it now.

With these ten offerings for the 2016 model year you are sure to find a lot of comfort, performance and even some serious sporty speed.  It’s simply the right time of year to snatch up a new car; especially of you are one of the lucky 500 who gets the pleasure of the special edition Corvette.  Which car is it time for your to choose?

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