When you want to have fun on the road but can’t afford to spend the money that would mean you have a Porsche 911 or other high performance car, there are still many cars you can choose from.  If we set the bar at $27,500 you can still get a wide variety of fun cars to drive and have a great time on any road.  With this price in mind you know you aren’t heading into the luxury realms of the BMW M cars but you can enjoy some vehicles that are engaged and performance oriented and inexpensive enough that you won’t feel too bad about tossing them around on the road.  Here are ten you certainly should consider when out car shopping for a new fun car to drive.

Fiat 500 Abarth – $22,495 – This is certainly the perfect city car and with the upgraded suspension and performance from under the hold you can unleash this micro-beast just about anywhere.  The Abarth makes for a great drive on a wide variety of roads and can be whipped about in the city to be one of the most fun cars you can ever see anywhere.  This car not only ups the performance quotient but increases the look to give you a car that is also easy on the eyes for driving.

Ford Fiesta ST – $20,970 – This smaller brother of the Focus ST is quick on the road and offers just the right amount of power to be fun and fast in a way that most cars cannot be.  With this small price this car is excellent to drive and makes the perfect car for all of us to enjoy on any road.  Unleash the performance on a winding mountain pass or keep it harnessed in the city where it quickly and confidently maneuvers through a variety of traffic and obstacles.

Ford Focus ST – $24,425 – The more serious player in a larger version is the Focus which gives you more horsepower a larger size and is one of the most engaged driving cars ever to be built.  When you need more space but want the same performance and driving capabilities this is the car to choose to take care of business for you.  Obviously you can’t go wrong with either one of the performance oriented models from Ford, you just have to figure out which one is right for you and your driving needs.

Honda Civic Si – $22,890 – Getting away from the hatchbacks to a coupe that looks and feels like a lot of fun we see one of our favorites for many years.  Making it a Si adds even more driving excitement and a wide range of awesome power to the car that is outstanding in a lot of ways.  When you want a Civic and you want it to be the sportier model get the Si and let yourself be completely taken away by a car that can deliver the performance you desire.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe – $26,750 – Here is a surprise player at this price range, a luxury sports car that is ready to be fun to drive.  When you feel like having 348 horsepower and a great rear-wheel drive vehicle this coupe is one that gets the job done for you.  Using a six-speed manual transmission that offers you the right feeling for driving if you want and enjoying a huge performance bargain this is a great car to choose which also gives you a car that offers some cool luxury features to be enjoyed.

Mazda Miata – $24,915 – When you have a lot of winding roads in your area the Miata is the right car to choose.  You will never get tired of the fun that you can have driving this car on a wide range of roads in order to give you a car that will be right for the drive.  You have some room in the trunk and a great deal of fun under the hood to give you a car that is awesome to drive.  Mazda ensures that even the 155 horsepower is more than enough by making full use of every single pony galloping inside.

Mini Cooper S – $24,100 – When you look at the Cooper you can’t help but let a smile cross your face.  This car offers you a bit of an upgrade over the base Cooper with 55 more horsepower and a better overall driving dynamic.  With the throwback style, a variety of funky colors and a range of great features to enjoy the Cooper is the right car for the drive on a variety of roads, especially in cities and small towns where it fits in just right.

Subaru WRX – $26,595 – This performance machine had to make this list as its built to be fun and is one of the best cars to make use of high horsepower, awesome handling, standard AWD and a great power to weight ratio.  This is one of the cars that can give the Miata a run for its money when it comes to handing and since it offers you more from under the hood this might be the car you choose to have a perfect drive on any long and winding road.

Scion FR-S – $26,100 – How can 200 horsepower be fun?  Probably the same way Mazda makes 155  at lot of fun to drive.  With amazing handling, an engine that makes full use of all power right away and a fun and attractive style this car is one that is perfect for driving along open highways and winding roads to be a great road trip car that can also be your perfect daily driver.  You can even increase the power with an aftermarket turbocharger, but it’s really not necessary.

Volkswagen GTI – $25,595 – Back to the hatchbacks, we would be amiss if we didn’t put this car on the list.  Even though it looks subtle and unassuming this car is one that you really should consider when you want a fun drive at this price.  The GTI is planted and will give you every ounce of power from under the hood to give you the feel and drive you want to enjoy.  This is the practical and sporty car you can enjoy at the price that is right for you.

With these ten cars to choose from you know you won’t ever go wrong or have a lack of cars to select from for fun and power.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great car to drive, but you can enjoy a ride at a reasonable price and with plenty to enjoy from under the hood.