Dealer's Journal Industry How do We Get Mid- Range Trims?

How do We Get Mid- Range Trims?

Audi A8 L 4.0T Sport

When you see a model, usually on the higher levels, that moves quickly from the base trim to the super powerful and sport model you wonder why there is such a huge jump.  What if all you really wanted was a bit more power but not all the added hoopla of the monster version.  This certainly can be the case with some of the larger sedans on the road that may feel underpowered to some drivers.  On the other hand, some drivers just want a bit more from their car and don’t want the price and the performance to move up the ladder in such a dramatic fashion.

We see the Audi A8 as one that offers a model in between the base A8 and the ultra-powerful S8.  This middle of the road model comes in as an A8 L 4.0T Sport and gives you a great choice in the model range in order to have the vehicle you want to drive.  Not only does this car give you a bit of a boost in power, which brings it up to 450 horsepower which is 15 more than the base A8 but it offers some changes to the look for you to enjoy as well.

As a sport model this car offers you a muscular front fascia and larger intakes forth air in order to provide a commanding presence on the road.  The rear bumper has been lowered and this model gains more aggressive rocker panels to have a wider stance to work from.  The wheels are 20- inches in size with 21-inch available to choose and are styled perfectly to make this car one that you will take a second and third look at if you see it driving on your road.

Not only do you get an upgraded power offering and all these exterior improvements but you also get to enjoy the Executive and Luxury packages which include 22-way Comfort front seats that are heated and ventilated, a massage function, Vacona leather with diamond pattern stitching, a headliner that is finished in Alcantara leather, a panoramic sunroof, acoustic glazing on the windows, a head up display, navigation information, a full suite of driver assistance features and Audi’s adaptive cruise control with stop and go to give you a much better feel and control.  Because all this is added the price is a bit more for this luxury sedan, but as a flagship model this is one of the best.

With a true in-between model, the Audi A8 L 4.0T Sport gives you a lot more to enjoy without becoming the S8 which is the sport and track tuned model.  This makes the luxury and ride more enticing for those looking for a bit more from this sedan while still being a serious luxury model that can impress a client or a date and show off the success that you have been able to enjoy.  Now you see exactly why and how we can receive a midgrade trim for any vehicle.

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