A Pair of Autobahn Runners that are Fun to Drive

01.30.16 - 2016 Audi RS 7

Are you looking for performance from your car? Consider then a pair of cars that have been built to be right at home on the one road in the world where it’s legal to open the throttle and have a ride at whatever speed you want. The pair I speak of happen to come from the same company and bring in the most enjoyable luxury cabin on the market today; they are the Audi RS 7 Performance and S8 Plus which can both give you what you want for any drive.

As the largest of the sedans from Audi there is plenty of space inside, but also a ton of room under the hood for the large 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 engine. This engine gives you a base of 560 horsepower and 517 lb.-ft. of torque but these numbers are increased with overboost, which is available on the manual shift or Sport modes, to give you 605 horsepower and 533 lb.-ft. of torque. This is an important improvement for the S8 Plus which replaces the standard S8 while the Base RS 7 is still around for you to enjoy but offers less power than these great power beasts.

With this awesome engine under the hood what does the drive feel like? In either car driving into the three digit range feels more like you’re driving at 65 mph which can be a problem on the roads in America. Because these two cars are tuned up to perform well on the Autobahn you won’t ever have any problem driving with confidence and may want to find a way to spend some time on the track. Neither of these cars will give you any trouble being harnessed and you can still enjoy the speed to sixty mph which is 3.6 seconds for the RS 7 Performance and the S8 Plus can do this deed in 3.7 seconds.

When you do get some track time scheduled you will find yourself looking for the throttle to reach the top speed which is 155 mph for the S8 Plus which can be increased to 190 mph with the Dynamic Package installed. This package not only changes the engine governor but adds a sport exhaust, carbon ceramic brakes, some aerodynamic features, a rear lip spoiler and underbody lips in the front. The RS 7 Performance offers you a bit of a higher top speed to make the excitement even more dynamic for you.

While these high speeds typically need added suspension tweaking to handle the task, neither of these cars needs a change in this area because they already ride on impressive suspensions. The S8 Plus uses an air suspension that is perfect for the job while the RS 7 Performance which has the Dynamic Ride Control setup. This pair of Audi cars will give you the drive you want and with the added full time Quattro AWD you can have as much fun when the roads are wet as you do when they are dry.

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