02.09.16 - Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

When it comes to the ads we saw during the Super Bowl there was a wide range of different scenarios presented across several different product platforms. One scenario that has always played out well is taking a typical situation and adding humor to it with one of the most accomplished comedians in the industry. Hyundai did a great job offering us an ad we could all admire before the game even kicked off to start the ad campaign and set the bar high for what to expect from car companies who were able to win some of the most coveted advertising time during the game.

The Hyundai ad that showed before the game featured actor/comedian Kevin Hart. Hart plays an overprotective dad that comes off as a cool dad at first by offering his daughter’s date the opportunity to take his car during their first date. At first this just seems like a generous and extremely cool gesture from a dad who approves of the boy his daughter is about to date, but unbeknownst to this young teen the Hyundai Genesis that is driven comes with the Car Finder feature which has been linked to his phone/watch so he can keep tabs on where the car is.

You might expect he would sit down at a computer and watch the travels of their date throughout the night, looking for a time when the young couple shows up somewhere that is dangerous or if the get stranded, but if that were the case the humor of this situation would quickly be ruined. Instead of just tracking the couple and their location throughout the night by using the Car Finder feature Hart takes the overprotective dad role just a bit farther, which provides us with the humor we want to enjoy.

First Hart shows up at the movie theater just when the boy is about to put his arm around Hart’s daughter. This puts a startled look on the boy’s face and makes him extremely uncomfortable. Next the couple find a fair to go to for some fun and the young man wins a stuffed animal for the girl. When the animal is chosen guess who’s face appears; Hart’s of course, filling the overprotective dad role perfectly and helping to keep this young man from putting his hands all over the daughter in the over the top scenario.

Finally, the young couple head to a remote location overlooking the city which should be the perfect place for them to enjoy some romance. Before these two can even get started Hart shows up hanging from a helicopter right in the field of vision for the young man. At the end of this ad we see the disappointed daughter, satisfied father and scared to death date part ways which puts the final topping on this awesome ad. With this ad Hyundai offered us a seriously humorous way to present the Car Finder feature of this car by putting one of the funniest people in entertainment in a role we are all familiar with; the overprotective dad.