The Struggle is Real

06.30.16 - 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

As mentioned many times in sports, the only undefeated being in the world is Father Time. Every athlete gets older and eventually the game passes them by. Sometimes it sad to see this happen as athletes fall to late career injuries and other times is a year-long swan song that seems to keep playing their favorite tune. Just like your favorite athletes you are going to get older (it sure beats the alternative) and you will most likely have a family. When this time in your life happens you have to figure out which car will be right for you and for your family.

If you are a car guy and don’t want to succumb to the minivan crowd or move up to the SUVs on the market you will have to figure out how to have the features you have always loved such as torque, horsepower and driving dynamics in a car that will make your entire family feel comfortable and confident on the road. Now that you need a family vehicle for the youngsters that are either on their way or have come along you must have something with four doors, so let’s consider what you can choose from and see how you can still be a car guy.

Some of the cars you can choose from are the Dodge Charger SRT, a Fiesta ST, a Chevrolet SS, a Volkswagen GTI, the Subaru WRX or even the Chrysler 300. Of course if you want to head up to the luxury models there are several other choices you can make such as the BMW 3-Series or 5-Series, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a Lexus IS or GS, the new Genesis G80 or the upcoming G90, an Audi A5 or A3 or even one of the Acura models.

The point to this discussion is to let you know you aren’t lost as a car guy just because you found your mate and have started to grow a family. You can still have the car you want that will push you back in your seat when you feel the torque engage and the steering stiffen up. The challenge, especially if you are on a budget and this will be your only car for the family, is making sure you have the right balance between family space, safety and the features you want to enjoy on your new ride.

This also makes the choice between a new or used car one to consider. With a new vehicle you will have the advanced technology, the lower miles and a new vehicle that hasn’t been put through any of the troubles other drivers can end up causing on a vehicle. On the other hand, choosing a used vehicle will likely give you the advantage of getting more vehicle for the money and be able to really let loose. Just be careful to have all the information needed if you choose to purchase a used vehicle so that you aren’t taking someone else’s problems home with you.

Once you and your mate have settled on the right vehicle for your family that has the power you want and the dynamic handling that you used to enjoy on your sports car you can be happy with your purchase by taking a few rides on your own. Most likely your spouse will want to take some rides with you after you get a sitter for the kids and the two of you can head out on an adventurous date together in your family fitting sports sedan that has what you want to continue to feel young at heart.

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