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07.16.16 - 2016 Ford Mustang GT

While we get to enjoy the splendor of our flag flying across the country on Independence Day and we celebrate the fact our forefathers were able to demand and defend their ideal of independence from an oppressive, unfair and forceful regime, the cars that are built here have changed significantly. It might surprise you that the once proud “Made in America” label now includes many brands that we consider to be foreign brands, but these vehicles are actually made here by our own friends and neighbors to be some of the most significant vehicles that we enjoy on the roads today.

Toyota CamryThe Camry is still the top selling sedan in the country and it is built here in the US. As we see many automakers work to have their vehicles made closer to where they’re sold Toyota has grown in the US to be one of the foreign cars that has more American made parts on it than most of the vehicles built by brands we recognize as American.

Ford F-150This truck is the best-selling vehicle in the country and has been at the top of the list for sales and interest for many years. The F-150 is certainly significant and symbolizes a toughness and desire to perform in a versatile way that makes it one of the best vehicles we can think of that is American made.

Tesla Model S/Model X – Tesla vehicles are significant in the fat they offer us vehicles that don’t have even a gasoline backup engine to give more range to the vehicle. These two are admired for their style, technology and ability to give us more of what we want with over the air upgrades when needed. Soon they will be joined by the Model 3 to give us an affordable electric vehicle.

BMW X5 M/X6 M – Actually the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant produces the X3, X4, X5 and X6 all on the same basic platform giving us a great lineup of BMW crossovers to choose from. This segment of vehicles has become the most popular in the automotive industry and BMW gives us some of the most active vehicles we could ever want to drive.

Chevrolet CamaroThis is a car that has stood the test if time to have a heritage and name recognition of being a truly American sports car for us to drive. The Camaro gives us thoughts of success, speed, power and fun in an affordable package. This is one of the most significant blue collar sports cars to ever prowl the roads from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Ford MustangThe Mustang is the Camaro equal in many ways and is even more impressive with a roomy backseat so you can carry along some friends. This pony car has become a worldwide icon and not just one that has been transformed by many tuners to be one of our absolute favorite cars. The Mustang covers a wide range of power and performance markets to be a car many drivers desire.

Chevrolet CorvetteThe Corvette is the original American supercar and has been one of the most enjoyed racing machines we’ve ever seen. With a Corvette you have to find a track to let it loose on and see how it will do against most others at the track, where you can really see exactly what this car is made for and how it captures your imagination.

Dodge ViperNot to be left out the Dodge Viper gives us what we desire for driving. When we want a car that still engages our driving ability and gives us a powerful engine without the use of turbo or supercharging the Viper is the right choice with the massive V10 engine that offers up huge power numbers in a car you will white knuckle from the start to the finish.

Mercedes-AMG C63 SNot to be left out, one of the most impressive power cars from Mercedes comes to us as an American made machine that offers us a great drive. This one might be a bit of a cheat though since the parts are made in Germany and then the car is assembled in the US, but that little detail isn’t as important as how great this car is.

Acura NSXAs the new supercar from Honda’s luxury arm the NSX is a car we’ve waited for a long time and is built at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio. This shows you how far Honda has come in the US as we get to have a splendid supercar from Acura that we can love on the wide expanse of roads we have to offer.

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